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Chilren's Oklahoma Books


Article by Christina Vescovo

Photography by Christina Vescovo

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We searched high & low for the right gifts for you & your family! Swing through RadioActive Threads today to have a look at the incredible selection of children's books featured for the holiday season!

Books are a special gift as they provide an educational aspect & they look great on shelves. Speaking of shelves, we are stocked with puzzles as well as coloring books & other toys for boys & girls. When the time comes for children to begin learning how to read it's important to continue stimulating that excitement!

There's not one single person on this planet who does not remember the first book that their parents or grandparents gave them. I fondly recall my dad taking us to the bookstore every single weekend & I will treasure those memories forever!

We for sure have a book for your little one! I really like the prayer theme books for kids!

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