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Beyond Conventional Care


Article by Jason Racca

Photography by Canva

Complex pelvic pain and digestive issues are often met with frustration and despair by those who suffer from them. Traditional medical approaches can sometimes fall short, offering temporary fixes rather than long-term solutions. At R3 Physio in the Keller/Alliance area, we embrace a different paradigm—one that views the body as an integrated whole.

Complex Pelvic Pain: A Puzzle Solved Holistically

Pelvic pain can be a perplexing issue, with causes ranging from musculoskeletal imbalances to visceral (organ related) dysfunction. At R3 Physio, we don't just look at the pelvis in isolation. Our holistic approach includes a thorough examination of related systems, including the lumbar spine, hips, and even the pelvic and digestive organs. Visceral manipulation, a specialized technique we employ, has shown remarkable results in relieving pelvic pain by restoring fascial mobility and function to the internal organs.

Digestive Distress: Finding Relief Through Integrated Care

Digestive issues like bloating, constipation, and abdominal pain can significantly impact quality of life. Traditional treatments often focus on diet and medication, but at R3 Physio, we recognize the importance of the body's structural and functional balances well. By addressing factors such as visceral mobility, spinal alignment, and diaphragmatic function, we offer our patients a path to digestive health that is both comprehensive and tailored to their individual needs. We work with your team of providers to help you feel your best.

At R3 Physio, we're committed to providing innovative, holistic care for those in the Keller/Alliance surrounding area facing complex health challenges like pelvic pain and digestive issues. By looking beyond the symptoms and treating the whole person, we empower our patients to achieve lasting health and wellness.

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