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Article by Stacy Conde

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It's been 15 months since your last mani/pedi. Pre-pandemic, you were the queen of the inspired nail art manicure. Now your nails look like they've been washing dishes for the last year, and not a whole lot else. Truth: that is pretty much what they've been doing. That's all going to change now, because you can get out there and get your nails done.

Vivian Liu Hyun and Jennifer Humphrey launched CliqOnU right smack in the middle of the pandemic. They had been developing the idea since 2018; but as timing would have it, their ready-to-wear nails were ready to hit the market in July 2020. It was the perfect time for a new DIY manicure option.

CliqOnU isn't your average press-on nail. They defy the stereotypes that drugstore brands may conjure with chic designs, a perfect fit and the feeling of natural nails. They look like you just got a fresh a gel manicure. I find myself fanning out my hands and declaring proudly, "They're press-on!" before going on to tell friends, shop owners, flight attendants and anyone who will listen about CliqOnU.

Jennifer Humphrey says that the idea to "elevate the press-on nail game" was hatched at a mom's night out with Vivian.

"Vivian had just returned from Korea visiting family and had an interesting manicure, which surprisingly to all of us were press-on nails! We thought they were so interesting, but we weren't sold on the design...a little too over-the-top for us, and they weren't entirely seamless-looking, either." 

As two busy working moms, Jennifer and Vivian loved the idea of a do-it-yourself manicure that is quick, easy and sophisticated. They felt that there was a void for chic, seamless-fitting nails in the current market and they were confident that they could create a comfortable, fashionable nail, made with non-toxic color that people would really want to wear—and they succeeded brilliantly.

A CliqOnU nail set has everything you need to give yourself a wow-worthy manicure: the coolest designs, multiple size options to fit any nail (and extras of each so you can reapply if you lose one!), a little nail file, and non-damaging glue. The nails are lightweight and fit seamlessly. They look and feel like your natural nails. Nail sets come in different length options (almond, lipstick, oval, short), which can be easily cut and filed to your desired length. Jen and Viv design the nail art so that no matter what length you choose, you can still keep the design element.  

Now that you're sold on CliqOnU's manicure, I need to tell you about the ready-to-wear pedicure. Yep, press-on toenails are a thing, and I am here for it. I had given up on painting my own toes at home. It's just not something we are meant to do! The contortions to get down to toe-level. That little toe that needs just a drop of paint and is the first one to smudge. No more! This DIY pedicure will give you an insta-gel look in a quarter of the time and it stays put for just as long, if not longer, than a gel pedi.

CliqOnU donates 10% of its net sales to organizations that combat human trafficking. While you are looking fabulous, you are also contributing to a noble cause.


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