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Need Something to Do This Weekend in OP?


Article by Jami Nato

Photography by Jami Nato

I took my 9 year old on a mommy daughter date to CocoBolos Mexican Restaurant this weekend and we had so much fun. I don't get over to the PrairieFire area as much as I like, but I was so impressed by everything they offered and in such a short walking distance.

For instance, complimentary Valet parking! Hello, when it's so cold out, it's nice to drop and get moving without looking for parking. I don't know if anyone else finds that stressful--I certainly do! This was the perfect start to the evening.

We walked just 10 steps over to CoCo Bolos and I immediately ordered a Pomelo Margarita: Grapefruit margaritas are not talked about enough! GET THIS. Then my daughter ordered a carb loaders dream: Mac n Cheese + French fries and a freshly squeezed lemonade. All up to her 9 year old standards. I had the street tacos, one steak, one chicken, and although both were delicious, I'll tell you: Chicken was the real winner for me! As as Texas girl, I couldn't refrain from the pinto beans for my side (move over black beans). The restaurant was hoppin' and boppin' and I forgot how nice it was to get out into civilization.

During dinner, we talked about school and crushes and what she misses about being in the Nutcracker this year. We are all dealing with our own losses, and I was excited to chat one on one with my little one. I would highly recommend having a no phone rule, save some picture taking, when you take your children or spouse on a date. There is nothing worse than looking over at a table full of people on their phones when great humans are right in front of them. If you need help with conversations, you can look here for ideas. But What always works for us is, "What was your high and your low?" We ask this every single night at dinner, even to our high schooler!

After dinner, we walked to Fat Brain toys and discussed Christmas gift ideas! I noticed they had free wrapping when you purchase a toy there. HELLO! That's a fun time saver and makes my gifts not look like a toddler wrapped them. I think we forget the perks of shopping small sometimes!

I also couldn't help but notice , trick or treaters were dressed up and going around to each shop to get candy. I thought that was adorable. It made things feel a little bit more normal when halloween will be so strange this year. They are doing it again on Oct 30-31 and you can get details here.

After the toy shop, we decided to go see a movie. It was not busy at all, very refreshing. We wanted to hit up Hocus Pocus, a throw back for $5! They have plenty of other older seasonal movies for $5 as well. Instead, we were stuck with War with Grandpa. I begrudgingly bought tickets, and a wine (praise!) and settled in for a boring movie. Except My daughter and I were cackling the whole time, it was so good! Robert Di Niro can do no wrong--I don't know why I doubted him. You can see the movies playing this weekend here.

When it comes down to it, Shopping small and in your community will save the places you love the most when this is all over. If you want to see a place still there come the spring, make sure you're finding ways to support them when you can. It means so much to them durning these very hard times.

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