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Setting the Table


Article by Julie Bonner

Photography by Ethan Allen + Stock Images

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We are counting down to Thanksgiving, and Christmas is right around the corner. Are you feeling prepared?

Theres nothing more inspiring than last-minute panic. This year in general I have taken the approach of simplicity, which goes against my normal “More is More” mantra. I have truly embraced the meaning of being thankful. What better way to show this than to share a meal with the ones you love?

I have put together a few simply beautiful ways to bring a little cheer to your table while you entertain this holiday season. I know we will be celebrating on a much smaller level this season, so it’s the perfect time to make it even more special. Make every day count and celebrate in the simple joys of being together.

Put a little embellishment on your napkins, add some candle light to your table, bring out the fancy plates and glasses—even if it’s just two of you. Let’s make some good memories together.

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Fresh flowers are always a home run. Just remember to keep it low so you can see the faces on the other side of the table. Short vases of a single type of flower are always sophisticated and one of the easiest things to pull off.You can even use your short everyday drinking glasses as vases running down the center of the table.

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No tablecloths? No problem!

Grab one of your plaid wraps, throws or scarfs; they make beautiful, unexpected table coverings.

Below I have a couple ideas for place settings, one using my dried orange slices we made in my last article. The little rosemary wreaths and dried citrus are also great labels on Christmas packages. Just add a Vellum paper tag for a simple but impactful touch.

Embellishing your chandelier always brings your look up a notch—literally it brings your eye up. Simply drape some evergreens or eucalyptus sprigs through the spindles to elevate your table setting. You can use faux garlands as well.

Here is a diagram of the proper way to set a table. If you have never had the chance to do this, give it a try. Of course, you can make changes to best suit your needs, but it makes for a fun, upscale dinner to have it all laid out.

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So if you choose to go formal this year or casual, make it special and enjoy with the ones you Love. I wish you joy, peace and love for the holidays! Happy tablescaping! Cheers!