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Six Things to Love about Urban Mattress

From Luxurious and Eco-Friendly Design Details to Superior Service, Here’s Why this Family-Owned Boulder Company is a Dream

Getting a good night’s sleep can often involve specific requirements: total darkness, cooler temperatures, a perfect mattress, a just-right pillow, a sound machine playing the soothing rhythm of crashing ocean waves, perhaps an air purifier or essential oils spritzed into the room.

For the family behind Urban Mattress (, there’s nothing more important than creating a clean and comfortable sleeping environment. Combining sustainable practices with three generations of industry knowledge, Urban Mattress offers an array of mattress designs that are made to order in their Denver factory for homes across the Front Range and beyond. Owner Billy Williams and his five children, Madison, Alexa, Annika, Isabel and William, source 80 percent of mattress materials from the U.S., while organic latex from Sri Lanka and viscous bamboo from Turkey are also responsibly sourced. Their mattress collections include GOTS and GOLS certified materials, meaning textiles are sustainably grown, harvested and maintain a 95 percent purity level. “Through intelligently designed products, we focus on helping people fall asleep and stay asleep,” Billy says. Urban Mattress also carries bed frames, sheets and pillows from companies with similar environmental values.

In our ongoing quest for cozy nights that leave us feeling well-rested in the morning, we asked Alexa to share a few of her favorite things that contribute to sustainable sleep.

Elm Mattress

Designed with 100 percent certified organic fibers, the Elm mattress (starting at $699 for a twin) is available in firm or gentle. It’s part of the entry-level Organic line, which is coveted for guest rooms, children’s rooms and vacation rentals that want to provide an elevated guest experience.

DreamFit Sheets

“We all sleep on these,” Alexa says. Urban Mattress stocks high-quality DreamFit Degree 5 sheets made with soft bamboo fibers, which are antimicrobial and help you stay cool throughout the night.

Copeland Bed Frame

Urban Mattress carries bed frames crafted from walnut and cherry wood by Vermont-based Copeland Furniture. Each traditional yet timeless design is built to last for decades and Green Guard certified for low chemical emissions.

Adjustable Base

Starting at $1,000 for a queen, the Ergomotion adjustable base replaces a box spring. It is low profile (only four-and-a-half inches thick) and provides enhanced comfort for any Urban Mattress product. “It’s great for sleep preparation and end-of-day recovery,” Alexa says. What’s more, the zero-gravity setting can evenly distribute pressure in your body to improve circulation and breathing.

Tabernash Mattress

Part of the luxe Alpine collection, the Tabernash mattress can alleviate hip or shoulder pain associated with side sleeping. It provides a clean, cool sleeping experience with dense CertiPUR-certified memory foam, six inches of organic latex and other natural fibers. The Tabernash is also designed with a zipper, which allows you to replace coils and layers instead of throwing them away after 10-12 years.

Eco-Friendly Mattress Removal

During the complimentary white-glove delivery process, Urban Mattress will remove your old mattress and take it to Spring Back Colorado, where it’s broken down and transformed into carpet backing. “Nothing we pick up goes into landfills,” Alexa shares. “That’s something people really appreciate.”

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