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There are many reasons people are moving down south to the beautiful Peach state of Atlanta. Robb Realty Group has compiled a list of reasons...

1. Affordability

Although Atlanta is the ninth-largest city in the United States with a population of 5.8 million people, it remains a fairly affordable city. In fact, when compared to New York City, we are 44.4% cheaper! If you're searching for the perfect home to buy Robb Realty Group has a VIP Buyers Program to assist you.

2. A Great Place for Foodies

Are you a foodie? Then you'll be happy because Atlanta offers some amazing food options from highbrow to food carts. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find. Take a stroll through the Farmer’s Market for some garden fresh vegetables and sandwiches or check out many of Atlanta’s amazing restaurants.Atlanta has some of the best food experiences.

3. Excellent Weather

Yes, Atlanta is known as "Hotlanta" however our average temperature is 61.4 F with a low of 52.5 F and a high of 89 F. Atlanta gets over 200 days of sunshine but we also get enough rain to keep the city green with grass, trees, and flowers. The long summers and mild winters make for a beautiful city with lush foliage. There are lots of ways to beat the heat with splash pads, pools and water playgrounds in the city.

4. Business is Booming

Many businesses have moved to Atlanta to take advantage of everything it offers. With its sprawling size and low rent, there’s something for everyone. Employment growth is above the national average with many jobs in a variety of industries to choose from: hospitals, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, and technology. 

5. Booming Cultural Scene

Atlanta offers plenty of attractions from festivals and conferences to an amazing music scene. And for the artsy folks you'll love the “city of murals” with some of the best street art and picture opps throughout the city.

6. Sports

Atlanta is a great city if you’re a sports fan. Atlanta has a 3 professional sports teams in basketball, baseball, and football. And they even have a hockey team – the Atlanta Gladiators. Atlanta has some of the nicest sports venueswhere you can catch a game.

7. Colleges 

There are an abundance of colleges in Atlanta. You can choose from prestigious schools like Emory, Georgia State University, and Georgia Tech. One great program that Georgia State University offers is a senior application. If you’re over 62, you can apply as a GSU-62 student. If accepted, the college will waive tuition and fees. So you can choose to learn a new topic for free!

8. Atlanta has 3 Distinct Downtowns

Atlanta is one of the few cities with three downtown areas. The official downtown is more of a business center where you can find several Fortune 500 companies. For nightlife you’ll want to head over to Midtown for some great food and cocktails. If you you’re looking for a more trendy and upscale experience, you’ll want to go to Buckhead, often called the “Beverly Hills of the South.”

9. Public Transit

Atlanta has the MARTA train that will take you to a variety of places throughout Atlanta, including the Hartsfield-Jackson airport. 

10. Parks 

Atlanta has been called a city in the forest with a variety of outdoor activities. There are many miles of walking trails and parks throughout the community.

Atlanta is a city brimming with culture, food, and entertainment at a much lower price tag than other major cities making it a highly sought after place to live. Robb Realty Group is here to help you find your home and get settled in our wonderful city.

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