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Introducing Denise W. Jones: 

The Visionary Behind J2 Design Studio

Article by City Lifestyle Somerset Hills

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Excellence in Design and Entrepreneurship in Far Hills NJ

Far Hill's business community is graced by the distinguished presence of J2 Design Studio, led by the accomplished interior designer Denise W. Jones, ASID. With a career spanning over three decades, Denise embodies the fusion of artistic talent and entrepreneurial acumen.

A Legacy in Design: The Genesis of J2 Design Studio

Denise's trajectory in interior design is deeply rooted in a family tradition encompassing design, architecture, and construction. Her personal journey, enriched by her marriage to an architect and the nurturing of three academically successful children, intertwines seamlessly with her professional path. With 30 years of industry experience and a 12-year tenure as a business owner, Denise represents the epitome of dedication and expertise in her field.

J2 Design Studio: A Synonym for Design Excellence

Hanging its shingle in Bedminster, NJ, J2 Design Studio has established itself as a paragon of interior design excellence under Denise's stewardship. Her specialization in pre-construction planning, kitchen & bath design is particularly noteworthy, exemplifying her philosophy of holistic and functional design. Denise's approach ensures that each project is not only visually appealing but also practical and valuable. She has been the recipient of several awards from her professional organization, ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), as well as trade manufacturers in both residential and commercial design. Most recently she was named an industry innovator of the year by Kitchen & Bath Design News.

Professional Ethos: Harmony Between Work and Life

Denise advocates a balanced approach to professional and personal life. Her discipline in dedicating time for personal rejuvenation each morning and evening, coupled with her commitment to family, exemplifies her belief in the importance of life balance for creative and professional success.

Vision for the Future: Expansion and Contribution

Denise envisions a strategic expansion of J2 Design Studio in the near future. Her five-year plan includes scaling her team to enhance client services in kitchen and bath projects while focusing her expertise on pre-construction planning. In a decade, she aspires to delve into property investment, further extending her influence in the design sector.

Core Values: Integrity and Growth

Denise's entrepreneurial journey is marked by significant personal growth and unwavering integrity. Her resilience in navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship underscores her strong belief in self-efficacy and ethical business practices. Denise's commitment to delivering services with honesty and integrity is unwavering, as she treats each project with the utmost respect and dedication. Her entrepreneurship is built on a strong foundation of women business leaders who always persevere and succeed against all odds. She believes in the quiet power of women business leaders and relishes the element of surprise as one by one, women overtake and surpass their predecessors. 

Personal Interests: A Life Beyond Design

Beyond her professional realm, Denise is an enthusiast of music, nature, and golden retrievers. Her leisure time is joyfully spent with her family, traveling, cooking and creating great memories that reflect her vibrant personality and love for life.

A Message to the Community

Denise emphasizes the importance of seeking professional advice before embarking on significant commitments. With her vast experience and expertise, she and J2 Design Studio are a valuable resource for those seeking transformative design solutions in Far Hills and beyond.

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