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The anti-aging acid


Article by Jennifer Buck

Photography by Jennifer Buck

The anti aging acid…Glycolic Acid.

This acid is best suited for aging skin. However, in my opinion is also the most spicy acid. By spicy I mean you can feel it working, for some that’s a good thing for others it’s a bad thing.

Lets dive into what this acid really does… It speeds up skin cell turnover while boosting collagen production. Think of this acid as the one that dives deep to help with the deeper issues we are facing with aging skin. A little science, glycolic acid has a very small molecular weight and therefore can penetrate deeper into the skin to work harder on the lower layers and really increase the skin cell turnover. You will find this ingredient in almost any anti aging regimen.


·        Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

·        Helps decrease pigment caused from sun damage

·        Boosts collagen production

·        Helps to reduce pore size

·        Helps smooth skin

As you can see this acid is a power house! But use with caution.  In lower percentages this acid is tolerated well by the skin. However if you are going to have a glycolic acid peel you may need to know a few things. This peel does dive deeper so it works amazingly well on fine lines but with each layer of peel it becomes progressively more uncomfortable. Often times when you get home your skin is red and itchy unlike other peels. If you have sensitive skin or Rosacea I recommend using a different combination of peels to treat your fine lines and pigment. It is not always necessary to be aggressive. A progressive approach is the best approach in my opinion. I am not a suck it up buttercup kind of gal. So I always make sure my clients understand what options they have and I understand their skin condition prior to offering this peel up to them as an option, it works wonders and can be used in many ways other than peels.

I prefer using products with glycolic acid like Calming Toner by ZO to give your skin some glycolic acid with out the punch it sometimes packs.  I would also state that sometimes glycolic acid can dry out your skin and winter is not the best time to pump up your skincare line with glycolic acid in your skincare routine to help reduce your fine lines. I know sometimes we get excited when we learn about a new product or ” magic ingredient” but remember everything in moderation creates balanced, healthy, younger looking skin.

I’d love to help you find your glycolic balance this winter season and reduce those fine lines and wrinkles.


Jen Buck your glow girl

Licensed Esthetician

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