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A Guide to Landscaping in Birmingham


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Birmingham, Alabama, is one of the loveliest cities in the entire United States. Known as the Magic City, Birmingham has evolved from small communities with a few houses to quite extensive residential areas and a vibrant downtown district.

Landscaping is a big part of helping the city to maintain its image of being one of the most impressive in the country.

For landscaping in Birmingham, AL, you will find that the companies offer varying services. Therefore, this is a guide to help you make the right choice as you embark on your landscaping endeavor.

Landscaping Companies in Birmingham

Landscaping companies in Birmingham have contractors who do the regular maintenance of gardens and lawns for residential areas. They are professionals, including architects, who specialize in water management and irrigation services and landscaping design. 

Most landscaping companies have designers who can do hardscape installation as well as lighting. To secure your property, they often carry out drainage solutions.

You can also get basic landscaping services. These services involve landscapers with lawn mowers and leaf blowers who will trim your edges as well as mow your lawn and sometimes clean the gutters along the roof.

For large-scale projects, you would need the services of a commercial landscaping company like Veterans Landscaping Co Inc, which would be in possession of large equipment for storm drainage, grading, and erosion control.

The landscaping companies in Birmingham are scattered across the city, such as up north in Forestdale or far south in Caldwell Crossings.

All contractors do not necessarily do the same scope of work. Therefore, you should inquire of the person you speak with what type of work they normally do and what the most significant project is that they've ever done.

Make sure to get everything in writing that the contractor promises to you, which a company like Father Nature Landscapes of Birmingham does.

They install lighting, pools and spas and a large number of outdoor services. Outdoor fireplaces and pits have been trending in the city

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Landscaping Design Services: From Flowers to Lighting

Designers like Andy's Landscape Service in Vestavia Hills have the special task of beautifying your home with plants and flowers, such as yaupon holly, rain lily, eastern redbud and more.

Some of the native tree choices are: pawpaw, southern magnolia, maples and oak trees.

They help with the proper layout so that once the plants are put in place, they will enhance your home rather than take away from the aesthetics. 

Designers should not be confused with architects even though they also carry out some design work, including lighting and drainage.

Landscape design services are centered around horticulture and involve garden and lawn care. 

Where to Find Landscaping Supplies + Materials in Birmingham

Landscaping supply companies are lined up around Birmingham, making it easy for contractors and residents to obtain the supplies they need. 

This helps with the cost reduction, as materials and supplies will not have to be transported long-distance, including rock and concrete slabs. 

Landscaping supply stores start from just above the Veterans Park far south of the city to Meadowbrook in the northeast.

John Deere Landscapes provides every supply needed for irrigation, planting, and landscaping as a whole.

Finally, as Birmingham continues to evolve, so are the landscaping companies and the services they offer.

You will find that all the modern designs for landscaping in Birmingham, AL, are available from most landscaping companies. 

Always remember to ask the tough questions so you can ensure that the contractor is knowledgeable of the work that you require.

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