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Last-Minute Christmas Gifts


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

Made in KC Marketplace

Made in KC Food + Drink

At Made in KC, there is no shortage of fun, unique gifts from local artists and makers. For the foodie in your life, you can't go wrong with a bottle of barbecue sauce or two. Try the Zarda KC Classic, or for a little bit of heat with plenty of sweet, the Zarda Lil' Ghost Sauce. Click on the links in the bottom left corners of the images to order online, or pop into Made in KC to find their whole array of local barbecue sauces and dry rubs. While you're there, check out the other food and drink items. A foodie gift basket is a safe bet for any friend who likes to cook.

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Made in KC Sandlot Goods

One of my favorite brands at Made in KC is Sandlot. This billfold is perfect for a minimalist guy or hard-to-buy-for dad. And their city pennants are so fun! Go for the generic "Midwest" or get your friend who won't stop talking about their wonderful Crossroads loft a pennant to show off their pride.

Made in KC Accessories

No matter how many pieces of jewelry friends buy me from Made in KC, I feel like I never have enough. These local artists have so much talent! For your super artsy friend, these face earrings by Lily Dawson Designs will rock her world. Or for a gal who lives in Kansas and works in Missouri (or vice versa), this Janesko necklace connecting the two states is such a fun way to keep home close to her heart.

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Brookside Barkery + Bath

Pet Spa Services

Some people just don't have a lot they want for themselves and would much rather spoil their pet. For those friends, get them a gift certificate to Brookside Barkery + Bath so they can splurge on a special spa service to add on to their regular grooming session. From essential oil treatments to pampering paw packages, your friends' pets will be feeling the holiday spirit.

Pet Supplies

You can also drop in to the store and pick up some festive treats, toys and pet accessories. How cute are these holiday stockings for dogs and cats? Any person who has ever said, "Pets are people too," will go crazy.

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Design in the City

Located in both Brookside and Briarcliff, Design in the City (@designinthecitykc) is a local boutique owned by Kansas City local Mindy Diaz. Mindy has an incredible eye for coming trends, and she purchases only a few of each item so that everything you buy is special, and you won't see it on just anyone.

For your fashionista friend who always stands out, a gift certificate to Design in the City (with a cute set of scrunchies, a candle or some chocolate!) will give her the opportunity to pick out her own top, jacket, jeans, jewelry or accessories. Mindy also has an extensive home decor collection, so this is your go-to place for tea towels, serving dishes and wine glasses with hilarious jokes and sassy sayings.

If you don't want to do a gift certificate, below are some of my favorite picks in the store. There is no online ordering, so you'll have to go quickly while they are still there!

And if you still have no idea what to get, Mindy will always take her time to listen to your thoughts, show you plenty of options and help you find something that is perfect.

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