Why Use A Local Senior Living Advisor

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Article by Angie Gomez

If you are looking for senior living for a loved one, it can be a long and confusing process. People tend to take advice from neighbors, friends, cousins, nurses, doctors, and even lawyers. Those people have good intentions, but they do not truly understand senior living. Anyone looking for senior living needs to contact a local and free senior living advisor. Don’t input private or identifying information online or go with a national company that is likely in a different state. Go with a local and trusted senior living referral agency. You will save time, money, stress, and money. I know, I said money twice. That’s because a good local referral agency knows where there are hidden costs and pitfalls and can save you the headache by showing you how to avoid those things.

Let’s talk about time.  You could spend all day or many days Googling senior living options, calling sales directors, and waiting on return phone calls or you could call a local senior living advisor, who already has all that information. 

A senior advisor will reduce the risk of you or your loved one having to move again. By getting expert advice, you will likely select the most appropriate community. For Example, if your loved one wants a Friday happy hour, then your local advisor will know what communities offer that. If you are looking for a community with memory care in case that is a needed service in the future, your local senior living advisor will know what communities offer various levels of care. Did you know some communities won’t do incontinent care? Well, a local senior living advisor will know that! One of the hardest things for a senior is to move and if he or she selects the wrong type of community, another move will likely occur to meet that person’s needs.

A local senior advisor has established relationships with various other professionals and services in the community. A local advisor can guide you for physician care, home health, hospice, or counseling services, just to name a few.  A local advisor can also connect you with downsizing experts and realtors.

A local senior living advisor will save you time, money, and stress.

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