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The Mounting Man


Article by David Scheller

Photography by Marshall Donnerbauer

If you’re like me, you have trouble doing any home improvement project without feeling like one of the less capable members of The Three Stooges. Just the thought of mounting my flatscreen gives me anxiety. Punching holes into my drywall or the bricks over my fireplace would take an appreciable toll on my home value, and waking up at two in the morning to the sound of a 70 inch Samsung colliding with the floorboards? Well, Moe or Curly would have made it look funny – but not me.

Marshall Donnerbauer is The Mounting Man. He is the one you need when you want to mount your TV to the wall without error or drama. He can also conceal your mounted TV’s cords within the wall, as well as hang paintings, mirrors, ceiling fans, and other things which gravity wouldn’t do any favors to. 

And that is all.

This is the beauty of Marshall’s business: He focuses on providing a very specific service, but that allows him to provide it to absolute perfection. Call Marshall and you’ll save yourself the grief of dealing with skittish handymen, who may never show up or dissolve into the aether as soon as you’ve paid them. Marshall bills himself as “James Bond Meets Bob Vila” not because he has a very specific martini order or hawks power drills on the Home Shopping Network. He shows up, does the job right, and leaves.

Visit his website and you’ll notice that Marshall’s brand has all the polish of a Fortune 500 company. This is also Marshall’s work.

“My friend, I want to be transparent with you,” said Marshall with the firm confidence that can only come from a lifetime of rehearsal. “I started this business out of necessity. I used to own a marketing company that specialized in promoting live events. COVID did exactly what you might imagine to it.

“As the father of a one-year-old daughter, I didn’t have the luxury of waiting out the pandemic. What I had to do was clear: Start a new company, earn, and take care of my family.

“I didn’t consider myself a TV mounting savant back then. But I had already mounted a few TVs for my friends and family, reasoned that I had always done a great job of it, and thought I could make a good living doing that – especially as the pandemic drove more and more people to upgrade their TV sets.

“Am I uniquely qualified to mount TVs? Not at all. Where I differentiate myself is the quality of my service. Punctuality is important to me. When my client schedules three o’clock on my website, I ring their doorbell at three o’clock. If they have to get in touch with me for any reason, they can find my cell phone number right on my site or my magazine ad.

“While mounting a TV isn’t overly technical, I still make sure to do every job perfectly: using the right anchors, creating a holding capacity 20 times greater than what’s needed to support the TV, and cleaning up the workspace so it’s better than the way I found it.

“Any handyman can do the same thing I do – but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to. I don’t want to put them down, but anyone who’s hired handymen in the past knows how unreliable they can be, and that the quality of their work is all over the place. That’s actually a good thing, as far as I’m concerned. I owe about one-third of my business to big box electronic stores alone, because their clients call me in afterward to fix the mess their TV installers left behind.

“I was ultimately surprised to discover that I enjoy mounting TVs more than I do marketing. Instead of giant campaigns that drag on for months at a time, I get to make people happy every single day with zero stress. Doesn’t that sound like a better way to live?”

Please visit to learn more about Marshall’s singular business and schedule immediate service. You’ll want to meet this character.