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A Summer of Sangria


Article by Kate Baxendale

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

Sangria is a traditional Spanish wine cocktail that's usually mixed with brandy, fruit juices and fresh fruit and served over ice. It's a wonderful drink to share with friends on a patio when the weather is warm and a refreshing cocktail is in order. The best part is sangria can be made ahead of time in a large batch so it's ready to serve for happy hour.

Here are a bunch of delicious sangria recipes that use red, white and rosé wine.

3 Refreshing White Wine Sangria Recipes

When the weather gets warmer, nothing is more relaxing or refreshing than sipping on a cold drink. White sangria is a light wine cocktail that can be made ahead of time—and you get a serving or two of fruit along with it! Here are three white sangria recipes to try out this season.

3 Rosé Sangrias to Sip This Season

It's officially rosé season. And while the blush pink wine is perfectly delightful straight from the bottle—chilled, of course—it also makes a fun and delicious sangria. Here are three sangria recipes that use rosé wine as the base that will become your go-to warm-weather drink.

3 Summery Red Sangria Recipes

Red sangria is the best way to enjoy red wine during warmer months. If you prefer to drink red wine but want to drink something that's served chilled, then this is the answer. Check out these three sangria recipes that make red wine light and refreshing.