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Article by Emily Mobley

Photography by Amanda Donaho

Did you know fat is an active part of your body?

And that it requires calories to function?

Yes, muscle cells require larger amounts of energy in order to function properly, but fat cells are still a "calorie burner".

I think what's interesting is when people lose weight/fat they are not realizing that their body will need less calories to function.

Think about it!

  1. You lose 20 lbs of weight. That is less exertion your body is going to need to move itself which means less calories burned.
  2. It is fewer fat cells needing energy which also means less calories burned.

Therefore, if you are not being strategic about how you are eating with continual weight loss and have a clear understanding of this, it is going to be hard to sustain your progress.

Another thing to note when we lose weight our body starts to automatically produce less leptin (a hormone that makes us feel full); therefore, we find ourselves more and more hungry. This in turn fights against the need for less calories.

I am saying all this because before you start down the pathway of "weight loss" you need to understand how to do it the right way so it's sustainable! I can tell you the "right" way is not drastically cutting calories or trying to get it to happen as quickly as possible!

Everyone can lose weight, but the real question is- can you maintain it? 

If you need some help learning what this looks like! Reach out! I would love to chat further and answer any questions!