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Meet Dr. Jason & Dr. Mary Sherbel 


Article by Maria Ragone

Photography by Mary Sherbel

Dr. Mary and Dr. Jason Sherbel recently opened their brand new orthodontic practice, Aspire Orthodontics, in June 2021.  I was so excited to learn about their story.

Both doctors are 3x University of Michigan graduates where they received their undergraduate, dental, and orthodontic degrees.  That's a combined 22 years of schooling!  They were just two of seven people accepted into their orthodontic residency program.  At the time of acceptance, they were dating.   "At first, I was worried we wouldn't get into the same school and we would be finishing our degrees across the country from each other," said Dr. Jason. However, when they opened their letters of acceptance from the University of Michigan, they were so excited to be admitted into the same program and to be able to share the experience together!

Now married, the couple has moved back to the area and opened their practice off Northwestern Highway in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The building has a bold new sign and can be seen clearly as you head southeast. "This place just seemed like it was meant to be," said Dr. Mary. "Jason and I are from this area and our parents live here. We wanted to live and work close to our families. Our new building became available and it was an opportunity we couldn't pass up!" 

The newly remodeled office features state-of-the-art technology including an Itero Digital Impression System and 3D printer, saying goodbye to traditional impressions. The building is bright and airy, and the staff is welcoming and friendly. 

They are currently accepting new patients and provide treatment to both children and adults.  Aside from providing outstanding orthodontic treatment to their patients, Dr. Jason and Dr. Mary are committed to creating personalized connections and serving this incredible community!

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