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Adult Orthodontic Treatment


Article by Dr. Rooz Khosravi

Photography by Dr. Rooz Khosravi

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Braces are practically a right of passage in adolescence. We hear “orthodontist” and we picture a teenager with an ear-to-ear grin that glimmers with chunky metal brackets and a rainbow of rubber band ties. While this is still true, and impossibly cool, there’s been a lot of evolution on ortho treatment options and we see more adults than ever before. We attribute much of this to our array of cosmetic treatment options, generally preferred by adults. Our state of the art clinics in Bellevue and Sammamish offer complementary consultation to all adults interested to know more about their choices.

Our team also believes we’re a great option for adult orthodontic care because of our customized treatment options and innovative technology that makes treatment precise, effective and results that speak for themselves. One way we utilize digital technology and in-office appliances is hybrid appliances. If a patient prefers a discreet appliance option, such as clear aligners or lingual braces, but has a tooth movement that would benefit from the strength and force of wires and brackets, we can offer segmental brackets with aligners, or limited-time braces and then transition to aligners when the necessary movement is complete. Our PORTH aligner system allows for this in a way that the major brands on the market cannot. 

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Another major component of adult orthodontic treatment is interdisciplinary care. This involves working with various other dental specialties to treat a patient’s casein a holistic way. This is common with adults because they may have untreated dental issues, or those which progressed because they did not have access to comprehensive care earlier in life. Additionally, bone loss and crowding are a function of aging. There’s also the age-old story of a patient having a painful tooth in young adulthood and having it pulled was the most economical approach. Later they wish to restore the tooth with an implant, bone grafting, gum graft, etc. Enter the interdisciplinary team! 

Dr. Rooz is especially drawn to interdisciplinary cases given his extensive experience with them as an attending faculty at the UW Ortho Program where he teaches residents from orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics and oral surgery. There is a tremendous difference in the patient experience when they work with a team of specialist providers who know each other, have an efficient system in place and understand the nuances of interdisciplinary care, versus seeing an orthodontist to “make space for an implant” and then going to follow up with a periodontist for that implant. The communication, understanding of the process and RESULTS are night and day. 

After going through ortho care - be it with or without other specialties - adult patients are ready to seal the deal with a few cosmetic touches. Teeth whitening and Botox are offered at PORTH and allow you to enhance the results of ortho care and leave you feeling transformed. But of course, your orthodontic retainer is the most valuable part of long term results. 

Come see us at PORTH for a consultation for your adult care and keep that smile healthy and happy! 

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