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2021 Goals  


Article by Johna Mailolli

Photography by Johna Mailolli

Living out of a teardrop camper for 5 months in the middle of a pandemic taught me some unforgettable life lessons and experience. It also made me realize a lot about myself. Perhaps one of most important discoveries during this time for me was I realized how few possessions I truly need in my life. Not just for survival, but for my happiness.

I brought very few possessions with me on my journey, making sure everything I brought with me had use. It felt liberating to know that I was carrying so little with me, but still I had exactly everything I needed with me. And in exchange for the less I had with me, I was able to experience so much more like hiking in Washington, kayaking in Tennessee, and stargazing at night in Arkansas.

I realized how much more I favor experience and spending time outdoors than just having a bunch of stuff that has little to no use to me. Although I am no longer living out of a camper, I would like to continue to life a lifestyle of having less and experiencing more. Because I know now that this is what truly feeds my soul. Less stuff, more soul is my continued goal for 2021.

What discoveries have you made about yourself during this pandemic?

How can you incorporate them into your goals for 2021?

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