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Our Guide to  Phoenix Restaurants


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So you have decided to take a trip to Phoenix.

At some point, it’s going to be time to eat! With Phoenix being a rather large metropolitan area, there are a lot of restaurants to choose from. This guide will help you to understand what is available to you, so you can decide what piques your interest in advance.

Central Phoenix Restaurants

Around the central Phoenix area, you will find the valley metro light. One of the main public transportations in that part of town.

Perfect location to transfer from area to area seeing various attractions. Along Central Avenue, you can find all types of distinct food. There are Mediterranean inspired restaurants, new American food, Thai cuisine, Asian fusion, and sandwiches, delicious breakfast sandwiches, and organic grass-fed meat restaurants. 

Restaurants in South Phoenix

If you are heading south within Phoenix restaurants in South Phoenix would be in areas like Tempe, Chandler, and Scottsdale it is an area that is always developing and there’s definitely something new to find restaurants in South Phoenix might include these types of options, Mexican food from traditional to Tex Mex.

There’s an excellent fish and chips place on Central Avenue, the smokehouse, and Broadway Road. They are different types of Asian cuisine, but resoundingly Mexican restaurants rule.

Desert Ridge Restaurants

Desert Ridge is in an area within Phoenix. If you were to Google Desert Ridge restaurants a lot of wonderful options would appear. 

This area seems to host a good number of healthy restaurant choices centered around Mediterranean and seafood cuisine. The Mediterranean options tend to have great selections for vegetarians. If you like tacos and cocktails that can be found on Tatum Boulevard.

You can also choose from sushi, Korean barbecue, healthy buffet, upscale Pizza, Indian food, and more.

Phoenix Airport Restaurants

You need your strength for the journey ahead. So if you happen to find yourself at the Phoenix airport, the Phoenix airport restaurants are a great option so a little was more pricey depending on what you choose.

There are still some great options like Mexican food, salads, BBQ, sandwiches and some fast food options.

Mexican Restaurants Around Phoenix

Mexican restaurants are not lacking in the Phoenix area. It’s just a matter of what type of Mexican food you like. There tends to be a lot of traditional old-school Mexican restaurants that we are most familiar with, but they are very authentic.

On Central Avenue, there is a Mexican restaurant that cooks up food from the Guadalajara region. There is the Tee Pee Mexican food restaurant that is centered on family fun.

Chinese Restaurants

There’s a ton of Chinese restaurants in the Phoenix area. Some appear to be more authentic than others. Most of them don’t have ratings that are disappointing. If you want to experience something more authentic, you could go to a Chinese restaurant that specializes in a certain region of China like Shanghai cuisine. Some also offer delivery.

Italian Restaurants 

Italian cuisine tends to be a favorite when seeking out new locations to grab some delicious food. Just above Tempe, Arizona there are quite a number of Italian restaurants to choose from.

You can pursue pizzerias or full-scale Italian cuisine. Some restaurants focus on pasta and others have a more well-rounded menu. And of course seriously the commercialized options such as the Old Spaghetti Factory.

Vegan Restaurants 

Vegans you are not left out. You can definitely find vegan restaurants in the Phoenix area. A lot of vegan restaurants seem to focus on more salad-based menu options.

There is one on Indian School Road that serves Asian and vegan food. Also, another substantial option is a True Food Kitchen as they have options that are more filling than maybe some other restaurants. If you are in the mood for vegan pastries you can find that on Seventh Street.

Indian Restaurants 

Indian restaurants are kind of spread out all over the place. This is convenient so that as you are touring different attractions and seeing various sites you’re more likely to come across one as you’re out and about.

On Cactus Road, there’s a restaurant that specializes in traditional Indian street food and serves up delicious platters. Other ones specialize in both northern and southern Indian food. Some Indian restaurants also have buffets.

Seafood Restaurants

There are plenty of seafood restaurants in the central part of Phoenix. Bluewater Grill seems to be a highly recommended option. They offer a nautically themed environment and serve high-quality seafood dishes.

You will also find raw seafood bars that serve meat dishes and various craft drinks 

Thai Restaurants: Peanuts, Curry and Chicken

Thai restaurants are spread out through the Phoenix area which is quite convenient. Most have their typical yellow curry, red curry and green curry dishes that come with your choice of stewed meat, potatoes, and vegetables.

Absolutely delicious and satisfying. Of course, Thai restaurants just don’t only serve curry but you can find rice dishes, chicken dishes, pork, and beef dishes.

Down-home Soul Food Restaurants

This terminology came to be in the 1960s during the black pride movement that was a part of the civil rights era. So the terminologies were coined back then so food itself had been around for so much longer than just the 1960s.

Typically so food incorporates grits, fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, sweet tea, peach cobbler, fried green tomatoes, and barbecue. Of course, there is more but this is just to get you going. Soul food options can be found in the central area.

Phoenix’s Steak Restaurants

All the wonder of steak. It is one of the greatest staples in American cuisine, yet our culture cannot get enough of it. From ribeyes, two filet mignon to New York strip, and top sirloin there's always got to be one type that we want while on vacation.

Those steak houses are kind of spread out through Phoenix, there are some options that are concentrated within the central area.

Vegetarian Restaurants: Go Meatless

There’s nothing more disappointing than when you’re out on the town and starting to feel those deep hunger pains. So you find a decent restaurant and boom there are no vegetarian options.

Your eyes scurry to and fro across the venue trying to figure out if there’s any way possible to make a particular dish vegetarian friendly. You ask a waitress or away waiter if certain accommodations can be made and sometimes they can and sometimes not. 

There are some highly rated option on Northern Ave and 7th St.

German Restaurants

If you are hankering for a very solid meal then a German restaurant might just do the trick. German food is known for its wursts, beer, pastries, potatoes, corned beef, and quite a bit more.

As you can see a German restaurant is not the place to eat if you are on a specific diet. One bite of this delicious cuisine and you will have blown your health benefits for the day! However, if that’s not a concern of yours then it could be a hearty experience to find a German restaurant.

The Haus Murphy restaurant is a fantastic choice!

Japanese Restaurants: Healthy Options

Who doesn’t love a great Japanese meal? A typical and basic Japanese meal will come with some side dishes like meat and fish, vegetables, pickles, a bowl of soup, and rice. For breakfast as simple as a bowl of miso soup, grilled fish, or white rice.

Of course, there’s more to the Japanese cuisine than that, and it can actually get pretty impressive by including seafood like whale, sea weed, crab, octopus, and squid. So if you’re not an extreme meat eater, and don’t mind seafood and lots of veggies.

Greek Restaurants

Greek restaurants can be quite simple, where they specialize in something like gryos. Or you can go to a sit-down affair and enjoy a typical Greek spread.

Whatever it is you decide you cannot go wrong as Greek cuisine is one of the most delicious and filling options in the ethnic food realm. Greek culture tends to be very family-oriented, so finding one that has something for everyone to enjoy should be fairly easy. Just north of the Gilbert area, you will find tons of eateries.

Vietnamese Restaurants in the Metro

It would be quite fun to find a Southeast Asian restaurant right in the central area of Phoenix! Vietnamese food is similar to other regions in that area. It tends to be both sweet and spicy and accompanying a lot of rice.

In addition, it is also known for soups that are more on their rich side, intended to be a little bit more filling than something like a miso soup.You can find Vietnamese are found all across Central Phoenix.

Korean Restaurants

Korean cuisine has a unique niche of its own. When it comes to standing apart from other Asian cuisines. Even down to its appearance because of the way they cook their meats, the roots and vegetables they add to dishes are a little bit different but definitely delicious.

If you’re looking for something more on this at a Korean barbecue restaurant is a great option as you have something like barbecued beef or pork, with their accompanying sauces usually comes with white rice.

You can find some options near the Gilbert area.

Local Peruvian Restaurants

Peruvian cuisine provides a very collaborative mix of the indigenous populations over time that includes the Inca people and also some immigrants from Europe.

You can find a combination of cuisine styles that come from Spain, Germany, and Italy and some aspects that might remind you of Asian cuisine.

There are two options just right about the Central Phoenix area.

Cuban Restaurants: Don’t Miss the Plantains

Cuban restaurants can provide you with a hearty and amazingly delicious meal. Keeping cuisine is based on staples like meat, beans, rice, and plantains.

That might sound really simple, but it’s the way that they cook and it’s the seasonings with an ethnic flair that amplifies every ingredient that they put on your plate.

A Taste of Africa: Ethiopian Restaurants

You can find Ethiopian restaurants in the central part of Phoenix. Though they vary a little in what they have to offer one thing common across-the-board is that you will experience a delightful mix of a few different ethnic groups.

Ethiopian food definitely has its own particular taste that adults can normally get with. On the other hand, it could be a little touchy when it comes to taking children to have Ethiopian food. It may be a challenge for their taste buds.

Kosher Restaurants

Kosher restaurants are definitely available in Phoenix. You want to stick with the higher-rated options which will not be hard to find. If you are looking to maintain the utmost purity in your food processing end. Surprisingly, there are TONS of Kosher restaurants across the Phoenix.

Modern French Restaurants

Experience a little bit of France right here. French restaurants are fun options anytime of the day whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. French cuisine usually has something appealing for anyone, anytime of the day. 

A French restaurant can be a great option to start off the day with some light pastries, orange juice, or coffee. Since pastries and French toast seem to be a popular item amongst adults and children. French café it can be a great option to start out the day before doing all the touristy adventures.

Classic American Restaurants

Maybe you’re just in the mood for good old fashion American food, of course, there are plenty of options! Anything from hotdogs, to hamburgers, to roasted chicken you can find. As well as ethnic foods that have been Americanized. You have many choices across Phoenix.

New Restaurants Around Phoenix

It’s always fun to discover a new restaurant. Why not see was hot and new in the Phoenix area as they have new restaurants that could be appealing to you.

Up and Coming: Michelin Star Restaurants

Michelin is a brand name that has been around for decades and can be trusted. They have curated their own list in every state of recommended restaurants. All you have to do is type in a location to get the results you’re looking for.

Family-Friendly Restaurants

Now that you have probably discovered some of the exotic, or unique restaurants to try out you’re thinking about nailing down a good family restaurant.

Something where you know everyone can find something that they like and the staff is used to catering to families at large. Central Phoenix is a great area to find family-friendly restaurants. A lot of activities and things to see tends to be in the central area, so finding a spot to refuel for the whole family will be easy.

Rooftop Restaurants: See the City from Above

When you think rooftop restaurants does romance come to mind? It’s just the perfect setting for something romantic or thoughtful. So while why not take advantage of the amazing sunsets at a rooftop restaurant?

Unique Restaurants: Try Something Different

Unique restaurants can be found in just about every major city in America, but have you ever thought to visit one?

Unique can mean a flurry of things whether a city guide has labeled them unique, or you just come across things that you on a personal level represent a uniqueness.Within in the artsy areas of Phoenix, you are bound to find something unique.

The City’s Dog-Friendly Restaurants

It’s hard to leave your pet out of adventure from time to time! If you would like to include your dog in some pet-friendly food adventures here are some dog-friendly restaurants that you might want to look into.

From Chandler up north past Glendale, you are pooch friendly places to eat.

What are the must-try restaurants in Phoenix? 

Kaizen: This is a small plate restaurant serving up sashimi and sushi with other unique seafood options and sauces that will bless your taste buds. The Head chef combines flavors from South America, Mexico, Japan together for a unique experience.

Taco Boys:What sets them apart it’s the way that they prepare their meats. They cook their meats on a charcoal grill so it has that barbecue taste, but with that traditional Mexican flare. They’re popular meat offerings are Tripa, Barbacoa, and Cabeza.

Shin Bay: This is an upscale and contemporary Japanese restaurant. Everything served up is artfully presented and deliciously prepared. Shin Bay offers an Omakase style atmosphere serving up snow crab with caviar, and delightfully prepared ocean trout.

How many Restaurants are in Phoenix?

There are nearly 700 restaurants to choose from!

Phew! That was a lot to cover, but we know that you will have an excellent and memorable time in Phoenix. Use this guide beforehand or even while you are on your adventures. Happy travels!