From Bride to MRS. 


Article by Meghan Lucas Butcher

Photography by Meghan Lucas Butcher

The time you are engaged is an amazing time. Wedding planning, parties, gifts and endless gawking over your beautiful new ring. When I see someone get engaged, the first thing I want to do is buy them a little something—just a congratulations, “I am so happy for you” gesture. I always go for something that can be used right away like cookies or a bottle of Champagne paired with maybe a ring tray or cake plate—something they can use long after the wedding. My reason for this is from my own wedding experience.

Once the wedding is over and you are no longer fiancées, but man and wife, most ladies look around and say, “What do I do with all this wedding stuff?” They typically turn to Facebook wedding groups or marketplace to pass along their items to the next bride. Selling off the “Does this ring make me look engaged?” mug, the bride labeled bags, earrings, and T-shirt and many other items. If you are the bride now or know a bride that you want to shower with gifts, here are my tips. All of these items I bought or received during my fiancée status and still use to this day almost two years later.

The MRS tote bag

This was a gift from one of my bridesmaids that I absolutely love. I fell in love with the title Mrs. rather than fiancée or bride. I will always be a Mrs. and am proud to carry this tote around every day in my married life.

My wedding and rehearsal dinner shoes

As much as I want to encourage brides to spoil themselves with amazing shoes for their wedding, I couldn’t rationalize buying shoes that I would most likely never wear again. I chose white cowboy boots for my wedding shoes and stunning sparkly gold closed-toed heels for my rehearsal. The boots I will undoubtedly wear to a country concert and the heels are on display on a shelf in my office. I also love to wear them whenever I get the chance and want to feel like Carrie Bradshaw.

Mr. and Mrs. jewelry tray

Another gift from a bridesmaid was a Mr. and Mrs. jewelry tray to hold our wedding rings. I place my ring in it every night before bed. I love this as a gift so much that I have given it to many brides myself.

Earrings and Necklaces

I gifted my bridesmaids matching earrings for the wedding. Simple gold circles that I got at Cracker Barrel, yes, Cracker Barrel. Constantly they tell me how much they like them and how they still wear them to work or dinner. On my wedding day Jacob gave me a Kate Spade Mrs. necklace. It is so simple and small, I wear it almost daily. It was such a perfect and practical gift that I love so much.

Monogrammed dishtowels

This was a gift from my mom, classic and timeless dishtowels with our last name and large “B's" monogrammed on them. They hang on my oven door to this day and welcome guests to our home.

Many brides and friends can get blinded by the title bride and want to buy everything in sight that has the appropriate theme. Do yourself and the bride a favor, aim for gifts that are long-lasting. Think beyond the wedding, what will they enjoy, what will they use daily? I am so grateful to have items from my wedding that I was able to work into everyday married life. I am sure the bride in your life will feel the same way once the knot is tied. Planning your own big day? I would love to help! Fill out the form below to check availability and get started!


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