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Article by Rachel Newton

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When adding an outdoor living space to your home, it is important to add something that will last. This not only means something that continues to be structurally sound, but something that ages beautifully. During the summer of 2021, we had the pleasure of stopping by a project that we built in 2011. The owner stated that even 10 years later, this is a space they still enjoy and are thankful they had it built.

A space that can be used everyday...

With a nice flow from the kitchen to the outdoor room, this space allows the owners to use it often. From enjoying dinners to relaxing with a drink, it serves many purposes.

A multi-level entertainment space...

As a multi-level outdoor living space, it makes for the perfect spot to entertain and enjoy time with family and friends. With composite decking, the multi-level deck also allows for easy clean up and maintenance after entertaining!

Adding screens adds privacy...

Screen rooms have many benefits, and added privacy is one of them! You can choose the tint of the screens to create a space that accommodates all of your needs. This screened area adds another level of privacy for the owners and/or their guests!

Blending your indoor and outdoor space...

Not only do screen rooms add privacy, but they also help keep bugs and pests out of your home. In addition to keeping pests out, the owner expressed that even when it's 100 degrees outside, the room remains a comfortable temperature.

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