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3 Dog-Friendly Ice Cream Shops in KC


Article by Alexandra (Allie) Hicks

Photography by Alexandra (Allie) Hicks

In our house, we have officially deemed this summer the summer of ice cream. It's the perfect treat for keeping cool, it's creamy and delicious, and it's easy to take on-the-go. So as we've been exploring Kansas City's ice cream scene, we've taken it a step further to include all members of our family - furry, four-legged members included! We have a sweet, senior dog named Stella, who we enjoy including in our outings and adventures as much as we can. She had the task of taking all the truck rides and (not-so) patiently waiting for her ice cream and other frozen treats.

While pups aren't allowed inside any of these KC establishments, they either have menu items specifically for dogs or offer small portions. Here's Stella dog's first round up of KC favorites!

Summer Salt Ice Cream Co.

The newest shop on the list, this Prairie Village-based shop took over the former Mely's in Corinth Square. With a walk-up window, ordering with your four-legged friend is easy. Menu items for dogs include "pupsicles" and "woof cream". The former is a frozen watermelon based treat, while the latter is a small bowl of vanilla soft serve. While Stella hasn't tried the pupsicle yet, they are home-made by the owners. However, Stella dog highly recommends a bowl of woof cream!

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Fairway Creamery

Nestled in Fairway Kansas, this concept from Christopher Elbow is a donut and coffee shop by day, and ice cream hot spot in the evenings. With a variety of artisan flavors and rotating soft serve, there's an abundance of options for the human-members of your family. In terms of pup-options, they offer a pup cone. This is a small, sample cone with a swirl of vanilla soft serve. While this can be messy, at least in our experience and with Stella's enthusiasm, it makes for simple treat!

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Aunt Jean's

Rather than serving up ice cream, Aunt Jean's is scooping and serving gelato. While a small amount of flavors that rotate daily, there's something to be found for everyone. They also serve locally-owned Roasterie coffee and drinks. For the pups, there's a cup of whipped cream or a small scoop of vanilla gelato. Enjoy your treats on the patio or take them on the go.

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