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Article by Grady McGill

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I love wine. Who doesn’t? But the great thing about wine (besides drinking it) is that there’s so much to learn about it. So when I want a lesson, I go to Bazati’s Amphora Bottle Shop to get the latest 411 on quality wines. Their wine tastings are amazing and among the best in the city. Bazati is located on the Eastside BeltLine not far from Ponce City Market, so you can walk over on most Saturday afternoons and have your own wine tasting, and maybe buy a bottle or two to take home. Or, even better yet, stay at Bazati and delight in dining at Brasserie, which is located downstairs and offers fantastic lunches and dinners (which I highly recommend), or go upstairs to Estrella, which offers one of the best skyline views and tasty tacos in a truly fun atmosphere. Make sure to visit one of these venues afterward as you don’t want to miss it

Amphora offers wine tastings on most Saturday from 2 to 5 p.m. and has a theme: either the type of wine, such as rosé, or summer wines or the country of origin such as Argentina or Austria. I really loved the different kinds of wines offered, everything from Old World European wines to emerging wine markets, such as from South America, as well as all-American wines. Each tasting features between three carefully curated wines for $15.

How it works

You may notice that Bazati’s wine tasting is done differently than most wine tastings where you are sitting at a table with a bunch of strangers and have a tasting that can last a couple of hours. Instead, all you do is visit the Amphora Wine Bottle shop inside Bazati and get the fun going. Amphora’s friendly and knowledgeable staff will give you an individual overview of each wine and — the best part — have a taste. Pretty easy peasy! 

You are welcome to stay as long as you want. What I like about this is you don’t feel rushed and you are able to go at your own pace and ask questions. You’re not afraid of asking “stupid” questions that you would in a group setting. Nobody will judge you so don’t be afraid! Allow yourself to be known! Of course, you can bring your own group and ask all the stupid questions you want! It is literally a private wine tasting! How cool is that? 

Reservations are not required as it goes on a first-come first-serve basis. You are welcome to stop by anytime between 2 to 5 pm. Amphora offers a wide selection of wines, not only for the tastings, but for retail. Many are lesser known, hidden gems. That’s the exciting part!

I went to a rosé tasting and discovered some wines I had never heard of but I quickly became a fan. You have to experience it and, if you haven’t yet, you seriously need to. What are you waiting for? You’ll thank yourself and be glad you did! One of my favorites that I tried is the Malbec Sparkling Rosé from Argentina and the Driopi rosé from Greece. The Argentine wine, a dry brut, had an intense aroma of fresh fruits — perfect for sitting on the patio and enjoying being outside (finally!) with friends. Believe it or not, it paired great with sushi. You can trust me on this! The Driopi had a bright pink color, which is natural because the rich fruity taste has a hint of cherry jam. This one may have been my favorite, but then, I’m a fan of anything Greek! You literally can’t go wrong with this fantastic Greek wine.

As noted, Amphora gives you a personal tasting with some lesser known but fantastic wines. I also liked that there was no pressure to buy, but the wines are so great, you can’t leave without buying a bottle or two! It’s impossible not to! Even if you don’t go for a tasting make sure to consider Amphora to be your go-to-place for wine. Last, but not least experience, the joy and let Bazati’s Amphora wine tasting wow you.

Last, but not least, want to be informed on upcoming wine tastings at Bazati's Amphora? Sign up for Bazati’s newsletter at Bazatiatl.com. You can also get updates on their social media platforms as well too.

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