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Add a Gym to Your Garage


Article by Kate Baxendale

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

Looking for a place to work out at home besides your living room? Move your sweat sessions to the garage! Here are three cool garage gyms to inspire you to create your own.

Half Garage Gym on a Budget

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Uptown with Elly Brown turned half of her garage into her own personal gym. The space has a punching bag, a a stationary bike, a pull-up bar, stepping stools and mirrors.

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Create a Stylish Garage Gym

Jenny Reimold proves that a garage gym doesn't have to be dingy and drab. She added geometric wallpaper, high-performance tiles, chic lighting and cute curtains to transform her garage into a dream gym.

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DIY Home Fitness Studio

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Sunderland House blogger Holly transformed a room in her into a functional fitness studio. Re-create her setup in your garage by mounting a TV to the wall to watch workout videos, installing hook racks for exercise bands, adding a mirror and more!

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