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Trouble Down the Drain


Article by Kelly Raley

Photography by Kelly Raley

Better keep yourself clean and bright: you are the window through which you must see the world . . .

Nobel Prize-winning author George Bernard Shaw wrote these words, and while he wrote many, many other words throughout his career, these words ring particularly true in the salon of Ramon Alcala, owner and stylist of Ramon’s Hair Design in Bartonville, Texas. 

“There are so many products, treatments on the market that promise amazing hair results, but it doesn’t matter what I—or anyone else for that matter—does to the hair or for the hair. None of it will have an impact if the scalp and hair is not truly clean. Everything, and I mean everything, starts there.”

“Well, of course,” you say to yourself. “That makes sense; everyone washes their hair. I wash my hair. What’s the big deal?” Because at Ramon’s Hair Design, there is a profound difference between “washing” and “cleansing.” 

Ramon begins to clarify the difference, “A shampoo will ‘wash’ your hair, but even the best shampoos will not get rid of every pollutant and all excess oils. It’s those oils that create a barrier to the styling products, the growth serums, the style and curl you put in, but when you use a true cleansing product prior to those things, everything performs better.”

That true cleansing product is Maxi.Wash, a high-quality detox shampoo from Kevin Murphy, maker of one of the best salon product lines in the U.S., and one of the top selling products in Ramon’s salon.  Ramon credits this single product for an incredible rejuvenation of not just his clients’ hair, but also his own career as a stylist.

“I have cut and styled hair for over 40 years,” Ramon recounts, “And after four decades, you can lose that spark, that thrill, that brought you to the industry in the first place. But when I learned about Maxi.Wash and started using it in my salon, the difference in my clients’ hair was amazing.  It’s not just a clarifying shampoo; it does far more. Maxi.Wash lit that fire again within me. That was six years ago, and I’ll never go back to old way of just ‘washing’ hair.”

Not only does Ramon offer this true “cleansing” experience at his salon, but his 40 years of skilled experience and deep dedication to the elevated art of hair care, means every client who steps into Ramon’s Hair Design has a truly personalized experience waiting for them.