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9 Tips to Be Happy


Article by Nathalie Botros

Photography by Nathalie Botros

 We spend our lives chasing happiness; most of the time we attach it to something or someone.

At the beginning of my journey, I thought losing weight was the key to my happiness… I was wrong. And instead of losing weight, I lost my time, my joy and appetite for life. For you it can be finding a great job or finding the perfect partner. How many times have you achieved a goal and still felt unfulfilled? How many times have you felt stuck and unsatisfied, even if you had everything? With time, I learned that being skinny, finding the job, the house, the partner or any other objective was not going to bring me any joy or make me feel successful unless I was happy first without any condition. Once you find your happiness regardless of something or someone, you are the winner, and everything will come to you!!!

I have created this 9 tips to help you become happier 

1. Be Grateful

We have tendency to keep asking for things, but keep forgetting to acknowledge what we have and be thankful. When you wake up in the morning, take a minute and think about something or someone you are grateful for in your life. You don’t need to write a whole list, just one… This will fill you with gratitude and make you see the positive side of things. If you hit a rough patch during the day, focus about that person or thing. It will help you to stay positive.

2. Make Someone Else Happy

Happiness is something that should be shared all around. Making someone else happy can be the best therapy for you. It will automatically change your mood, because you will see the positive effect you have on others. Your challenge is to make at least one person happy every day. It can be helping them, giving them some time or even giving them a compliment — which doesn’t require time and is the easiest and simplest thing. Think how you feel when someone gives you a compliment about anything. Happy and successful, right? So, compliment others and make them feel the same way. 

3. Smile at The World 

Did you ever try asking a crying kid to start laughing?

Imagine this kid in tears looking at you and requesting something. Just look back at them and say: “I bet you cannot smile/laugh when you cry.” I promise you the kid will be first shocked about this unexpected statement, and then accept the challenge and start smiling…So now my question is, if a crying kid can do it why can’t you?

Make sure to smile at the world; I am not saying 24/7, but as much as you can… even when you don’t feel like it. First you will look better, then you will feel better. And as they say… fake it until you make it.

You will see with time it will get easier. 

4. Accept Imperfection

We all want everything to be perfect. The perfect job, the perfect partner, the perfect body, or the perfect house to name few...

We push ourselves to our limits to get that perfection. Unfortunately, perfect doesn’t exist and chasing it will always end up with a letdown. To be happy you need to accept the imperfection and be comfortable with who you are.

Can you imagine life without that heavy weight of always trying so hard? Don’t tell me getting rid of it won’t make you feel lighter and happier!!!

5. Learn to Appreciate

We have tendency to find only defaults and mistake on ourselves, others or events. Why don’t we switch that fault, and instead of looking for the negative, search for the positive around us, and appreciate it.

Like being grateful, you should learn to appreciate yourself, your loved ones or the events that happened to you. It only takes a minute, but it will fill you with happiness. Don’t forget to thank the universe for that, because you are blessed. 

6. Say Yes to Something New

Did you notice that we say more “no” than “yes” in our lives? Sometimes it seems easier to refuse to do something than working for it. Don’t say yes to everything, but I challenge you to say YES to something new every day. Start with something small like a food, a song, or a sport.

What do you have to lose? Nothing much really. What do you have to win? A lot.

First of all saying yes brings positivity to your life, and going outside of your comfort zone is always a nice challenge. You can discover wonderful things, a new passion and lots of new possibilities.

7.  Let Go the Past

Why do you think we have tendency to hold on to our past? Maybe because of a past success that you are trying to recreate?

Today you are a different person, so be proud of it but create a new victory. Maybe a past failure blocks us from moving forward. Use it as a life lesson and do better.

Accept your past, and let it go… The weight that you have been carrying on for all this time will be lifted and make you feel relieved and happier. Time to live fully today and be ready for an amazing tomorrow. 

8. Set Goals To Look Forward To

Now that you've accepted yourself, thanked the universe, let go the past and are living in the present, it is time to think about your future. What do you aspire to for your future? Set goals to look forward to, even small ones.

Make sure your goals are ambitious, but realistic.It will motivate, excite and drive you. If you achieve them, you will feel accomplished and satisfied. See your goals as the drive for happiness, not the reason for it. You have to feel good about your future to feel happy. 

9.  Use Positive Words to Describe Your Life

Did you ever think about the words that you use when you talk or write? Do you describe positive or negative words? Sometimes changing one word can change the whole energy of the sentence and therefore your energy. Think about it…


I have a lot of STRESS in my life WITH I have a lot of EXCITEMENT in my life

I HAVE TO work/study/clean/etc WITH I GET TO work/study/clean/etc


 ... See how much the meaning of the sentence and action will change?

I leave you with those tips and thoughts... You can learn more about the tools to being happy and positive at The Bon-Vivant Girl.