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A Guide to Landscaping in Nashville


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A beautifully manicured landscape can enhance the appearance of any home. It can add value to your property while providing curb appeal.

If you need the services of a nursery or landscaping in Nashville, consider Old South Landscaping, a highly respected company in the area since 1992.

Solid Landscaping Companies in Nashville

Are you wondering if you need a landscape architect? Landscape architects develop extensive plans that include tree, plant, flower selection, water usage, drainage, and hardscape. They focus on the beauty and horticultural side of the yard and garden design while considering the weather in your area to ensure ease of care.

The landscape architect holds a degree, while the contractor does not. Landscape architecture is the design, planning, and management of the natural environment. An architect will plan and design parks, streetscapes, campuses, residences, plazas, trails, and other projects that enhance communities.

An architect will work on larger, more public projects, while the contractor typically works on smaller residential projects.

Once your landscape is done, you want it to stay as beautiful as the day the job was completed. You may want to hire a landscaping company to keep your property looking beautiful.

Talk to friends and neighbors. A referral from someone you know is a reliable way to choose a contractor. Work with companies who are members of industry associations.

Those companies will have the most current up-to-date trends and technical know-how. Ask questions, such as their length of time in business, or have done projects similar to yours before.

Landscape Design Services: Choose the Layout of Your Yard

If you have decided to hire a landscape design service, there are things you should remember.

Make sure you have a firm plan in mind of how you envision your property. If you are unsure of what you want, they can provide ideas. Yard lighting, retaining walls, fountains, and paths are a few of the suggestions they might make.

Once the designer has analyzed the ecosystem characteristics of the yard, the designer can explain your options. It is important to consider maintenance needs, growth patterns, sun, and shade requirements when choosing trees and shrubs for your landscape. Your landscape designer can advise you of the best choices for your property.

In addition to enhanced curb appeal and increased property value, trees correctly placed can reduce your energy costs. Planting shade trees and windbreaks in the correct areas can reduce energy costs. A professional landscape design service can select the right trees and shrubs for your property that will help reduce your monthly energy costs.

Landscaping Supplies and Materials in the Area

If you have decided to do your property's landscaping, your local landscaping supply store can determine what products would work best for your situation. There is a mammoth selection of landscaping supplies and materials available to create a beautiful yard and garden.

Pavers, stepping stones, edgers, wall blocks, fire pits, mulch, landscaping rock are just a few of the items the DIYer can purchase to ensure a result that will make neighbors envious.

You can also add outbuildings, fencing, fountains, and a plethora of other design elements that will make your yard and garden a showcase.

Suppose you are thinking of yard and garden improvements and live in the Nashville area. In that case, there are many landscape contractors, architects, designers, materials, and supply retailers that can help your vision become a reality.

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