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Slow down,  Not lower pricing


Article by Tom Shaw

Photography by Tom Shaw

The market is looking at a slow down, however, the prices of homes will not be going down any time soon. Many experts are reporting the increase in interest rates combined with the increasing prices of homes will nock a few buyers out of the market to make their next purchase. from January of 2021 to January of 2022 the market prices have increased over 19%, reported by many experts. Many of these same experts are also making predictions of a slow increase of about 5% price increase through the 2022 year. Is it a great time to buy? answer, yes! only because the pricing is still on the rise and the interest rate will increase several more time this year. On the flip, is it a great time to sell? answer, yes. Because the average offer on a home over the list price that is accepted have been over 15%-20%, depending on the price point of the home. So! call me with your question about this market and allow me to serve you and help remove the stress of the process. Buyers or sellers!