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Advantages Of TrimLight 


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Many families rejoice when putting up lights on their property during the holidays. It goes above and beyond to show your neighbors that you are committed to channeling the beauty that is the holiday season. With that in mind, most of us would agree that while it’s fun to put these lights up, it’s not as fun taking them down when the season has finished. If you simply don’t have the time and resources to do this every single year, rest assured, there is a viable solution that will streamline this entire process. This alternative is known as TrimLight, and it’s quickly making a name for itself as a long-term solution. Orlando TrimLight will provide these lighting systems to clients who are desperate to make a switch. For today’s blog, we are going to be discussing the advantages of trimlight as a permanent lighting solution.

What Is Trimlight?

If you’re considering making the transition to our permanent lighting solution, chances are, you may not have a ton of prior knowledge of these lighting systems, and that’s okay! Here’s a quick refresher: Trimlight is a permanent, programmable LED lighting system that can be used for residential or commercial properties. Trimlight is professionally installed and allows for holiday, landscape, and security lighting 365 days a year! The lights are completely customizable through the proprietary app, so users will always be able to maintain control of their lights. In terms of installation, trimlight can be installed on any structure. This includes pool cages, patios, docks, parks, churches, restaurants, banks, and so forth.

Saving Money Over Time

Once a permanent lighting solution has been installed on your property, you’re ready to go! It’s rare that you would need to worry about repairs or replacing the unit. Maintenance is very minimal, and as a result, it will help to reduce your costs over time. 

Ability To Use Lights For Multiple Occasions

With these lighting systems comes a lot of room for flexibility. Their usage lends itself for all kinds of occasions. Whether it’s for a graduation party, wedding reception, birthday, or any other function, these lights will eliminate the task of changing out lights for different occasions. 

Not Visible During The Day

Because of the innovations in modern technology, permanent lighting will essentially be invisible during the day. The lights that are installed in or around your home will seamlessly blend with the architecture of the property. Meaning it will only be visible when it comes on.

Easy To Operate

Another benefit of these solutions is their ease of access. The lights can be controlled from any location, and all you will need is a steady internet connection. Users can also access the control system through a cloud, making it easy to control the color of the lights from your device.

Boosting Your Curbside Appeal With A Permanent Lighting Solution

If you are ready to bolster the curbside appeal of your home, Orlando Trimlight will provide you with a permanent lighting solution. To learn more about installing trimlight on your property, give us a call at 352-210-7469