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November is Caregiver Month


Article by Angie Gomez

Photography by Angie Gomez

Caregivers of senior family members face a daily challenge taking care of their loved one. The New Braunfels community has so many resources for seniors and caregivers, but one must know where and how to access these resources. I am a Senior Advisor. I work with families and seniors every day to guide them through the journey of senior living. I offer a Free, Trusted, and Local service to families. My background is working in the rehabilitation world providing speech pathology services to seniors to help them recover from acute neurological events, all the way to those who suffer from the progressive disease of Dementia. A lot of my therapy career included advising families on evaluating and staging dementia, connecting them to resources, and recommending the most appropriate and safest setting for a loved one to live.

In 2021, I decided to open my own business to provide a much-needed service to the New Braunfels community. I took the knowledge of my 25 years of experience in the rehab world, knowledge of cognition and dementia, and my love and compassion for seniors to open Trinity Senior Living Solutions. My goal is to get to know families, know their challenges, and guide them in the journey of senior living.

My business is one of love for Families, Community, and Seniors. I find the joy in working with seniors. They are my people. I understand that aging can involve loss. Loss of one’s independence. Loss of friends, family, and abilities; however, I also understand one’s strengths. When I meet a senior, I try to focus on what they can do well and optimize those strengths to give that person a sense of well being and contentment. Once I get to know a family and the senior, I make appropriate recommendations and connect people to resources to help their individualized needs. Let me say that again, I actually have a conversation with family members and get to know their individualized needs, and then I not only make appropriate recommendations for their needs, but I walk with them through the journey. 

I specialize in senior living and matching seniors with the most appropriate senior living community for their medical needs, abilities, and BUDGET; however, that is only part of my service. I understand that many seniors want to stay in their own home and not move into a senior living community. I meet with the family and provide solutions for them if it is a feasible solution. I can direct families to home health, outpatient therapy, hospice, and caregiver companies. I can recommend a realtor that specializes in selling homes of seniors, downsizing, and moving companies. I have resources for all things seniors. I find joy in helping families and I really do love Guiding Families Through the Journey of Senior Living.

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