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Lead Your Extraordinary Life Now


Article by Keri Stanley

Photography by Keri Stanley

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is a little bit of "extra"....Anthony Robbins

I remember when someone would mention the words "extraordinary life," the entire thought seemed only for the rich and famous. The idea seemed unreachable and only pertained to the lucky few. My self-talk would be jabbering in my mind saying "as if that's ever going to happen to someone like me." What I didn't understand was that the greatest obstacle I had to overcome wasn't to suddenly win the lottery, but to actually start showing up to live my life with just a little bit of extra. I finally woke up to the truth and stopped playing the victim card. I began to see that living an extraordinary life could truly be achieved with focusing on the small things in life building one adventure after another. Living an extraordinary life is a matter of mindset mixed with intentional action towards your desire that anyone can achieve rather than a status that one has been given. There are many things that you can start doing right now that can take what would be considered an ordinary life into one that is extraordinary.

Here are five simple steps you can immediately put into practice to start living your extraordinary life NOW:

1. The Not So Ordinary To-Do List ... 100 Things This Year

You started off the year with some plans or goals that may have already fallen off the radar, so this is the perfect time to create your list. You may think 100 sounds like a lot ... well that's the point. It's time to bust out of the box you've been playing in and expand your mind. Take out a notebook and write down anything and everything that comes to mind. From the littlest things to the most extreme, it all goes on your list. The first few items will be easy because it's usually how far we've allowed ourselves to think, yet give yourself some time to challenge your mind to fill up your list. We so easily get caught up in the routine of our lives that we typically don't give ourselves permission to dream. If you think it, write it. The key is not to let any limitation stop you from writing it down. The simple act of writing this list stretches your imagination and opens up the possibilities to see your life from a different perspective.

2. Change Up Your Routine

We are creatures of habit and this can lead to staying comfortable, like snuggling up with your favorite pillow. However, when was the last time you went to get your Starbucks coffee and tried a different flavored latte? Have you ever driven to work and suddenly realized you don't remember making any of the turns, yet shocked yourself to realize you were already in the parking lot? Our life can tend to run on auto-pilot and we spend a large amount of time completely numb to what is happening around us. Therefore, by changing up our typical routine, we begin to become more awake to the experiences of our own life.

3. Learn Something New

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Remember when you were a kid and you had to learn something new all the time? You were nervous, excited, and a little scared when you first tried to ride a bike. Perhaps, you were even quite clumsy and a little embarrassed. But once you did it a few times, you began to get the hang of it and suddenly had a boost in your confidence with a feeling like you could fly. In other words, you were challenged to grow. Your confidence gained a big boost, and suddenly you were ready to conquer the world with your cape. Yet, as adults we tend to not allow ourselves to play and try something new. It's easy to put things off you've always wanted to do saying "I'll do it when," but the "when" never comes. Bring out the kid in you again and pick something you've always wanted to do. Maybe a painting class or aerial yoga. Once you begin to push yourself just that little bit extra, you quickly grow your comfort zone and feel braver to do even more.

4. Hang Around with Others That Live Extraordinary Lives

There are always those people that you wonder how they do it. The best way to find out what they do different is to spend a little time with them. See how they think, speak, and act differently. Dreaming Big is contagious and extremely energizing. You will be surprised at how quickly you begin to try some new things and feel more confident in stepping out of your ordinary life. Don't forget your social media is a great place to hang out with those living extraordinary lives. This is a great way to follow some really inspirational people you might not normally hang out with and begin opening your mind to new ways of thinking.

5. Seize the Day

There are opportunities that happen around us daily. Take note on how many times you would really love to do something, but for some reason you find yourself saying no. Many times we say no because we feel we don't have time or money. Yet sometimes it's a deeper feeling of not feeling worthy enough to have the experience. And finally, sometimes it is a matter of guilt or feeling we need to sacrifice ourselves for our family. Filling YOUR cup, allows you to pour more of you into others, rather than only what is leftover. Start saying YES to just one or two things you might have originally said no to and watch your experiences begin to blossom.

The next time you find yourself feeling stuck in an ordinary life, try out at least one of these simple steps to put into place. Just that tiny bit of "extra" goes a long way and before you know it, you'll be expanding your world and inspiring not only yourself, but those around you to do the same. Extraordinary living is contagious ... pass it on.