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10 Emotional Rescues


Article by Cyndi George

Photography by Christine Lowell Photography

Top 10 Holiday Emotional Rescue Remedies!

1.  Awesome Essential Oils to harmonize body and soul

a.   Try good old-fashioned Rose or Rose Hip Oil to positively give your spirit an extra lift this season. Rose great for relieving stress and anxiety. Did you know Rose Oil has one of the highest frequencies to stimulate the all the “good feels” at 320Mhz. The human body resonates at around 60 so Everything coming up Roses is definitely a good thing.

b.  Grapefruit - Anxiety during the holidays can bring about a lot of negative energy with it and the two tend to feed off each other. Grapefruit is uplifting and helps to balance mood. Added perk:  it can also assist in appetite suppression, which may come in handy with all the goodies this holiday season.

c.   Sage – This oil is fabulous for stress reduction. Aromatherapists use sage to calm the mind and helps to reduce feelings of anxiety.  No “Grinching” allowed around sage!

d.  Frankincense with oil or resin pellets is a purifier and an awesome negativity eraser from the body, the aura, your psyche, and surrounding environment. It is also said that “Frank” gives the gift of great wisdom. I think it was one of the gifts of the magi for a reason!

e.   *Let me hook you up if essential oils aren’t your thing - Cynshine EO's Roll On $35.00 with all the above plus more to blissfully guide you through the holidays. Roll it when you need it! These are Made to order so please order soon, especially if you want one for the holidays!

*Buy Essential oils from a reputable source and ones that are organic without fillers or perfumes. 


2.  Keep it light & Healthy! Quinoa Christmas Salad.

I stumbled upon this recipe and added to it! Super yummy and just feels good to eat!

 a.   3 cups Quinoa

 b.  2 cups cut up cucumber leave the skin on!

 c.   ½ cup chopped or shredded carrots

 d.  1/3 c chopped up red onion

 e.   ¾ c. chopped pine nuts or pistachios or pecans

 f.   ½ c chopped mint

 g.   ½ c/ chopped parsley

 h.  ½ -3/4 c Feta cheese

 i.    1 can of garbanzo beans drain off the liquid and rinse.

 j.   Lemon juice preferably squeeze 2 fresh ones

 k.   Salt and pepper to taste

 l.    Oil to toss I like prickly pear oil not too sweet but delish!

 That's It now enjoy!

3.  Stay Hydrated!

When we are dehydrated, we might feel lightheaded, dizzy, headaches, constipated and more.  Have you heard of Sole Water? Sole water can assist in digestion, muscle cramps and provides electrolytes like magnesium, potassium and calcium. *

 Recipe: Mix up ahead of time you are going to make a concentrated base in which you will take 1 tsp and add it to 32 oz of water with a splash of lemon!

  1 cup Himalayan Pink Salt natural (It has to be Himalayan Salt!)

 34 oz Water filtered (a mason jar works great with a lid)


 Fill about 1/4 of the glass container with Himalayan salt.

Add the water until about two inches remain free at the top.

 Place the lid on top and gently shake the container. 

Put the glass container in the fridge overnight the salt will dissolve.

In the morning if there is still salt at the bottom it means that the water has absorbed all it can, and your sole water is ready to go! 

Place 1 teaspoon (yes really no more that’s all you need) into 32 oz of filtered water.

 Add a Squeeze of fresh lemon and enjoy!

·      * As always please check with your doctor if you have any concerns this is not meant to be medical advice. 



Yup go outside and just put your bare feet on the ground, lying on the ground, even using grounding blankets, socks, patches etc. For those of you up north in a winter wonderland maybe limit the outdoor grounding time obviously and ask your doctor if you are unsure.  Grounding is a therapeutic technique that involves doing activities that “ground” or electrically reconnect you to the earth.   You can ground by submersing in water, so a long luxurious bath is awesome!  (Add some essential oils and your will blissfully be transported to relaxation land!


5.  Carry the earth with you

Everything on this planet vibrates at an energy. Are you drawn to a certain stone or a shell? Currently my rock of choice has been Labradorite which looks like the borealis sky with flashes of light. So, what do you respond to? Worry Stones are a smooth flat shaped rock that when rubbed can help drop a person into parasympathetic mode - Rest and calm – who couldn’t use more of that?

Simply walk around, look down and see what you can pick up in nature. Maybe a heart shaped rock or shell is waiting for you!

 6.  Prayer & Meditation SHHHHHH!

Prayer and mediation or sitting quietly is so powerful. Praying and meditating activates the deeper parts of the brain which can even be seen on an MRI. During this state we Move into a self-soothing & self-reflective mode taking us from a sympathetic state of “fight or flight” to a more calming state or parasympathetic state and back to “rest and digest.”  Oh, I know you might say: I can’t meditate, or I can’t pray, or my mind wanders, or I don’t have time, or I can’t sit still etc. etc. insert excuse here) …. The cool news is your body your brain on needs 1 or 2 minutes to elicit a beautiful response. And with time it your meditation and prayer muscles will get stronger. The breath also changes dramatically during quietness, it becomes. deeper our heart rate slows and our secondary or accessory breathing muscles like the neck and shoulders can actually relax a bit!

 There is an awesome APP that literally just came out a few days ago called Hallow there is a free version and a pro version with a free 14-day trial And there are plenty of freebies too! It is interdenominational so all are welcome here!! Other APPS I enjoy are:  CALM, Headspace  - give it a minute I think you will like it!

 8.  VOLUNTEER- Give some of your time to worthy cause The local food banks would love to have you and the senior citizen homes I’m sure have residents without family that would love your company even for an hour.

 9.  Agree to Disagree with grace (even it is only on your side). It’s weird how even the most non- threatening social media posts can elicit guttural and ugly responses. There is a great photo of a row of matches ½ of them are burnt and one is folded over to it didn’t catch fire “saving the rest of matches from lighting up. Maybe just try to walk away, or not respond in the comments, your heart and health will be better for it. No one EVER had their opinion changed from a SM post. To parlay that – Give yourself permission to turn off the newsfeed!  Be like Elsa: LET IT GO!!!!

 10. MOTION is LOTION as much as we do not feel like exercising when we are stressed it is actually one of the best gifts you can give your body! It doesn’t mean you have to go to a gym there are wonderful online programs available for FREE. Visit my website for more ideas under resources:

Just walking a few minutes every day is also fabulous! Build up 2 minutes….5 minutes…10 minutes and just like in "Frosty the Snowman – soon you’ll be walking out the door!" Every Journey they say starts with a single step.

Looking to get moving again with more structure? But don’t know where to start and not sure you can keep up with the crowd? Think you are too old, too out of shape, too many physical issues? Maybe you have a neurological condition like Parkinson's, MS, CP or recovering from a stroke? Don't let age or condition dictate what you can or cannot do.  Visit us Cynshine Pilates & Integrated Movement and Pilates & Co with Courtney Mathias. Between the two of us we have your movement needs covered!

 10. BE that Friend    We recently lost what was seemingly a beautiful happy light in the world to suicide. We do not understand suicide at all, but the hurt was obviously real. I wish Steven “tWitch” Boss’s family peace and love during this time. This hit me hard almost as rough as when Robin Williams passed away. We are left with "Why" questions. The outside clearly did not match what was on the inside so: PLEASE BE THAT FRIEND, PLEASE BE KIND and Reach out to people maybe you lost touch with over the years or the neighbor that maybe lost a husband or child or their job…. This holiday season comes with a bunch of happiness, grief, shame, love, denial, abuse, depression, anger, domestic abuse, friendship – YUP it comes with ALL THE FEELS. Sometimes just a check in is all that is needed to help. Don’t forget since July 2022 we now have #988 to call to get folks the help or touchpoint they might need in the right moment. If they are crossing your mind- it is for a reason so reach out Be a Kind Human!