7 Winter Skin Care Tips

Keep Your Epidermis Smooth and Hydrated

This time of year can wreak havoc on our skin. Caedran Peete, a nurse practitioner with Rick's Advanced Dermatology in Lawrence, shared these tips to protect your skin this winter.

Tip #1: Avoid Hot Water

"People like to take hot showers in the winter," Peete says. "But it can dry out the skin even more and cause more of a problem. You always want to use lukewarm water. The same goes for washing your hands. If you have to use really hot water, like when washing the dishes, it's better to use gloves. But lukewarm water is best all around."

Tip #2: Moisturize Right After a Shower or Bath

Peete also advises applying moisturizer right after a shower or bath—within three minutes of getting out. Pat your skin dry with a towel and, while it's still slightly damp, put on the moisturizer.  

Tip #3: Avoid Harsh Products

Soaps and cleaners that are tough on the skin are never a good idea, especially in winter. Peete recommends fragrance-free and gentle soaps, lotions and laundry detergents. "Stick to something free and clear," she says.

Tip #4: Creamy is Dreamy

Now is the time to swap out your moisturizing lotions with creams. Peete notes, "Creams are always more hydrating than lotion. In the summertime, you may only need a light lotion on your skin. However, in the winter, you may need something thicker with more ceramides, like a cream."

Tip #5: Keep Using Sunscreen

Using sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 or greater is essential no matter the season. Peete points out sun exposure not only can cause skin cancer, but it is also the number-one ager of skin. Apply the sunscreen (or a moisturizer with sunscreen) first, then makeup.

"If you know you'll be outside over lunchtime for a couple of hours, you want to reapply the sunscreen before you go outside. Since you usually don't want to apply it on top of your makeup, sunscreen powders are now available."

Tip #6: Pucker Up

"It's very important to keep your lips hydrated in the winter. So plain old Vaseline or Aquaphor are great. Aquaphor has a lip balm that has sunscreen in it as well."

Tip #7: Cover Up

Windburn is a real skin issue in winter. Cover your hands with gloves and your face with a scarf or mask.

Have more questions? Rick’s Advanced Dermatology’s Radiance Medical Spa offers free consultations. Visit RadianceKS.com or RicksDerm.com to learn more.

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