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Despite the mixture of 17 billionaires amidst middle income and low-income earners, Hartford, Connecticut, has its fair share of vibrancy and beauty. 

A quick look (and maybe a stare then a few photographs later) at the garden outside the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center gives an idea of how important landscaping is in that city.

As neighbors strive to keep up with each other, the landscaping designs keep getting better. 

Looking to renovate your outdoor space? Read through this guide to landscaping in Hartford for some suggestions.

Landscaping Contractors in Hartford, CT 

More than 100 landscaping companies with hundreds of contractors in Hartford, Connecticut, provide residential and business services.  

There are so many landscaping services available, from yard clean-up to lawn treatment, garden maintenance, fence and deck construction, driveway, and walkway construction.

Not all contractors offer the same Services because many of them have their specialties. You have paving contractors, tree cutting contractors, fencing contractors, general contractors, and a range of others.

Most of the landscapers offer a free consultation. Some of the new large scale outdoor contracts While others only work on a smaller scale like lawn care and gardening.

With an average of 25.6 inches of snowfall in Hartford annually, many contractors provide snow removal services. In harsh winters, the snowfall doubles that number.

Connecticut experiences more than the national average when it comes to rainfall as well, but the landscaping companies have the requisite tools and plants to suit the city's haphazard weather. 

Landscaping Contractors in West Hartford

West Hartford is the livelier and more populated side of the city. It is considered one of Connecticut's best places to live and is a landscaper's paradise.

Elizabeth Park Conservancy, The Mark Twain House, and Elizabeth Park Rose garden speak to landscape designers' expertise on the West.

Chenail Landscaping has every contractor, architect, and designer required for any size landscaping projects in West Hartford and its environs. They provide a licensed arborist and custom grounds managers as well.

Landscaping Contractors in East Hartford

East Hartford is a bit more remote and quiet with a high manufacturing industry. It also has several lovely manicured lawns but not as extensive as the other side of the Connecticut River.

Quite a few landscaping contractors are also based on the east bank of the river.

Landscape Design Services: Flowers, Ponds + More

Some commonplace features in most Hartford landscaping designs are boulders and small ponds. 

Many homeowners have been requesting the designers to give their outdoor space a home away from their look and feel. Boulders are used to create the walls around the ponds and as riverbeds.

Another trend in Hartford is cheap but lovely landscaping by planting trees with mulch and the occasional boulder or even some pebbles. 

Landscape design has gone beyond just planting some flowers, with people getting more creative, even on a budget. Many add annuals and perennials to liven up the curb.

For well-manicured lawn services, Peterson Landscaping in West Hartford is only a phone call away. 

If you're looking for a landscape designer for a small or large project, you'll have no locate an expert easily anywhere in Hartford capable of bringing your dream project to fruition.

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