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The Kids Are Gonna Be Alright


Article by Kelly Coleman

Photography by Kelly Coleman

So here’s the truth.

Going into distance learning with my four kids, I was sent copious amounts of schedules and programs. I’ve seen so many amazing color coded schedules and ideas for homeschooling kids while we are all at home. 

I thought it was awesome; I also knew it wasn't going to be for me. 

I know my strengths and weaknesses. I have no desire to homeschool.

When our district rolled out their online distance learning for each of my kids, I was so impressed with their ability to adapt so quickly. The first week I went so hard, checking every box and completing assignments. I did it all! I checked all the boxes! I was also gritting my teeth, full of anxiety and my first grader was crying. I had to assess what "success" in this season really looked like for us.

I decided to make changes. I have realized the kids will be fine. They will catch up where I fell short. When choosing between common core math and relationship—relationship wins every time.

This is hard enough. The uncertainty of it. The financial. The idea of a scary virus taking over. It’s a lot. I want peace. I want to enjoy my kids. I want them to have AMAZING memories of this quarantine. I’m not going to break my neck trying to be their teacher. I’m their mommy. I’m really good at that. Put me in teacher role and I guarantee one of us will be in therapy later. 

This past month and the weeks to follow we will have more undivided access to our kids than ever before. Let’s keep our expectations low. Of ourselves. Of them. Of each other. And remember, all of us will remember exactly how we felt in quarantine. 

So here it is: I, your friend, RELEASE you from teaching common core math to your kids! If you love it—great! If it makes you a terrible mess, let it go. Besides. Stress weakens the immune system.

We will be over here learning all the best '80s movies, reading stories, and using this time as a GIFT.

The kids are gonna be alright.