Why Houseplants?


Article by Heather Markway

Photography by Beth Grimm

The popularity of houseplants seems to come and go with trends of the time, but their benefits stay the same. Ranging from health related perks to decor function and aesthetics, let's take a look at the advantages of using houseplants in your space.

Health Benefits

Did you know having houseplants in your living and working spaces can actually improve your health? It's true! Plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Having a plant in your home or office will increase oxygen levels.

Plants act as filters and remove several toxins, such as benzene and and formaldehyde, from the air. They leave behind air that is purer and healthier for you to breath.

Besides air quality, plants are also known to improve mental wellness and focus. Research shows that having a plant in your office reduces stress and fatigue while boosting productivity. The presence of plants contributes to the general feeling of well being, making people more happy and optimistic about life.

Aesthetic Appeal

The many forms, textures, sizes and colors of houseplants make it easy to find one that works for your home. Tall, tree-like houseplants are perfect to fill an empty corner. Trailing plants can add visual height in a suspended, hanging pot or spread along a long horizontal surface. Smaller sized plants work well styled as an accent on shelves and end tables.

Plants provide an element to home decor that softens hard lines. They add a living, colorful element to your home in months when nothing may be green outdoors.

Space Function

Plants not only fill empty spaces and soften the edges in our environments, but they also presents advantages to the function of a space.

Imagine an office space with several people and work stations. Adding houseplants to this type of space provides a soft material that reduces noise levels. Strategically placing plants can also provide privacy, when walls and doors are not an option. Large scale plants can aid in traffic flow in a large office or commercial setting.

As you begin incorporating houseplants into your space for any of the above advantageous reasons, check out lifegardenstyle.com for more tips in selecting the right plant and maintaining them.

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