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Where You Can Buy Essential Oils


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

Essential oils have become so popular that you can find them just about anywhere. But you don't always know the quality and if there is anything else added to them. Plus, you might have some questions. Which oils are best for different moods? Which products are safe for your skin? What kind of carrier oil should you use if you need one?

You can get all of these questions answered while shopping if you go to a specialized wellness store. Check out one of these places right here in St. Louis.

Cheryl's Herbs

All essential oils offered by Cheryl's Herbs are of the highest quality available. They are not standardized (except as noted) and are of much higher quality than food grade oils. None are synthetically reproduced. Larger sizes are available by request.

iShop Naturals

Our essential oil and botanical carrier oils are vegetable based oils extracted from the seed, nut, kernel or fruit of various plant species. The essential oils for aromatherapy is an ancient and time-honored tradition that’s been enhancing moods and lifting spirits for thousands of years. Applications for plant botanical oils are common in numerous industries including, but not limited to, the food, nutritional supplement, personal care, cosmetic, soap and candle making industries. We offer a comprehensive collection of natural essential and carrier oils from traditional to Organic and Kosher certifications.

Mirapur Essential Oils

MiraPur™ was founded on the basis that essential and carrier oils should be of the highest therapeutic quality and the integrity of the oils should never be sacrificed.  MiraPur™ essential oils was founded in 2018 and is a division of The Sudsy Soapery Natural Products™ a company that has been in the natural beauty products business since October 2011.  Jonathan and Kaycie Cook are the founders of this company and have a passion to bring 100% natural products with a passion for customers and a drive for quality!

Mystic Valley

Mystic Valley opened it's doors for the first time October 20, 1987. Vito Ponticello had the vision to open a place where all people were welcomed and were able to follow their path of choice. Whatever resonates with you is our philosophy. There is no wrong or right path as long as you are good to yourself and others. Vito was a special man with a big personality and an even bigger heart. He loved people and the Metaphysical community loved him. Tragically in September of 2000, Vito transitioned from this life due to a car accident. Now his 3 daughters proudly carry on the business & Vito's vision!

STL Herbs + Aromatics

Cheryl Hoard was a self taught herbalist, and pioneer in Aromatherapy. She began her business in 1991 which grew into a thriving Herbal enterprise, featuring quality essential oils and herbal products. It was Cheryl's goal and lifelong passion to use her expertise to assist others to learn how to live a natural and healthy lifestyle. Tragically, Cheryl passed away in 2015. 

STL Herbs and Aromatics is founded by two of Cheryl's devoted employees. We are taking our thirty plus combined years of experience, seeds that were planted within us by Cheryl herself and growing a new business. We do this in the hopes that we can uphold her tradition of offering unique, high quality aromatic and herbal remedies as well as the expertise to assist others on how to utilize these remedies. STL Herbs and Aromatics is Cheryl's legacy and will continue to maintain awareness of new studies and trends in the fields of herbal medicine and aromatherapy. We will evolve our business and its offerings reflecting our expertise.