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Try New Things


Article by Gayla Ungerer

Photography by Quino Al

It's been four months. That is about 120 days, give or take. That is a lot of time to think about your life—perhaps more than you would like. Ha! There are two categories I witness people falling into: those who are just moving through the days settling in for whatever may come, and those who are trying new things. Let's talk about it.

Many people have gotten more active during this Covid quarantine. Many people haven't left the sofa or Netflix. No judgement here, but at some point, this time will come to pass, as all things do, and wouldn't it be great if we could look back and say, "during the quarantine I am so glad I ________." You fill in that blank.

  • Make a list of the things that you wish to learn or improve on. Maybe it is becoming more organized, or new recipes for your family. Just list about 3-5 of those things. Typically these are things that your friends excel at and you would like to as well. Give it some thought.
  • As you look at that list, which item would be the easiest to learn—or shall we say the quickest to master? Put a number 1 by that and continue down the list. The last item numbered should be the one that will take the most time and energy.
  • Get after #1. Work your way down the list. By starting with the easiest to learn or quickest to master, you will feel an instant burst of confidence with its completion. That confidence will launch you right into #2 and so on. Gosh, it feels good to learn something new.

If you get stumped, here is a list of things to try that may be new to you:

  • *Paint a piece of old furniture.
  • *Wallpaper an accent wall in your bedroom.
  • *Organize your pantry.
  • *Learn to make bread.
  • *Try gardening.
  • *Start a blog.
  • *Take a social media class.
  • *Take an online class of any kind.
  • Start a business.
  • *Learn to paint.
  • Start a Zoom family game night.

For years, I have helped women to create the life they love. It's my favorite thing to do. Part of that creating is constantly allowing yourself to evolve and try new things. I will be anxious to hear what you were inspired to start. You can reach me at or find me on social media. Here's to you and all things fabulous.

In style & friendship,