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The Red Bar Is Back


Article by Emily Woods

Photography by Emily Woods

The beloved Red Bar was destroyed in an early morning fire on Feb. 13, 2019. Red Bar spent a year and a half rebuilding and reopened on July 15, 2020! 

We discovered today that the new Red Bar is still the old Red Bar. I have been to The Red Bar many times, and I definitely wanted to go back but didn’t know if it would be the same. Owner Olivier Petit and his staff did an amazing job of making The Red Bar feel exactly the same as it did before. My kids got to experience the same Red Bar that I have for so many years, including the iconic disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

I talked to Oliver about the rebuild and asked him how he gathered all of the decor to make it feel the same as it did before the fire. He told me that he has long had a personal interest in kitsch, so it was a labor of love to gather up all of the items that would restore the new Red Bar to its former unique personality. The coolest item in this collection is a round piece of the old floor that was dug out of the rubble after the fire; it is displayed on the wall behind the stage. The effort to bring back The Red Bar is a reminder of strength and perseverance, symbolized by this piece.

I highly encourage everyone headed down to 30A and surrounding areas to go check out The Red Bar. The Red Bar is located in Grayton Beach, Florida, on beautiful 30A. Chances are if you’ve been to this area you have been to The Red Bar. When you go back, it will be just like you remembered, but better because of the love and strength of everyone who is a part of it! If you go back, rest assured that your old memories will come flooding back.

If you are going to check out Grayton Beach, you definitely need to make The Red Bar a part of your experience. “Nice dogs, strange people.” This is the motto that Grayton Beach goes by, and The Red Bar personifies that attitude.