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Cute + Comfortable T-Shirt Dresses 


Article by Stephanie Parenza

Photography by Stephanie Parenza

When it comes to my spring style, you will see me in comfortable and casual dresses often. An effortless way to look put together but still be comfortable. During my time at home over the last few weeks, I have still found myself wanting to dream about my spring looks. I have rounded up a variety of t-shirt dresses that are just as comfortable as sweatpants. There is no reason why you cannot wear these dresses at home and then transition them to all your spring activities and events. If you have not taken the time yet to dress up, even if just a little, while staying at home then I would highly recommend it. You will be amazed at how drastically it will change your mood!

I love a t-shirt dress because they pair with sandals, sneakers, booties or can be dressed up with heels. My favorite combo is a t-shirt dress with a neutral sneaker however, as the temperature increases you will see me pairing these dresses with my gold Birkenstocks instead.

The t-shirt dress is a great piece for any occasion. T-shirt dresses are also easily layered with a cardigan or jean jacket, making them a great multi-seasonal piece.

While I love all lengths of dresses, my go-to would be the midi. It allows me to be the most functional when at home or out with my kids.

Most of these t-shirt dresses that I grabbed to try-on are staying in my closet and my weekly rotation. My two favorites are the tie-dye t-shirt dresses. Which one is your favorite?

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