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Auto Insurance


Article by Courtney Davis

Photography by Taras Makarenko

Tailor your auto policy! There are a lot of extra coverage options that you can add to your policy. Knowing what they are and how they work can help you tailor your policy, for your needs. Let’s talk about some common extras and how they work.

  • Towing & Roadside Service - It’s usually just a few dollars extra, every six months. Towing can help you get your vehicle from one place to another. Whether that be from a breakdown or that your vehicle has been in an accident. Roadside assistance covers a scope of things. It can assist with flat tires, jump starts, lock outs and when you’ve run out of gas. This coverage can be used without having to pay your deductible.
  • Glass Coverage/deductible - Typically, any damage to your vehicle would be subject to its deductible. Most are $500 or $1,000. Glass coverage would lower your deductible. In my company’s case, that is $100. That is a lot of savings when you need your glass replaced. It covers all glass. Windshield, window glass, sun/moon roof and your back glass. Here in Oklahoma, it feels like your car is always susceptible to rock chips and hail. So as you can guess, I have that on my personal policy. 
  • Rental car coverage - Is your vehicle involved in a claim? This coverage helps you not to be without a vehicle while your it's being repaired. This coverage works in a couple of different ways based on your policy. Ask your agent what your options are and see if it is right for you. 
  • New Original Parts - If you don’t want aftermarket parts used to repair your vehicle, this may be a coverage to consider. Aftermarket parts aren’t manufactured by the company that made your vehicle. For instance, I know there are some serious Jeep people out there. You probably want to only repair your Jeep with Jeep manufactured parts. This coverage will do just that.
  • New Car Replacement - New car? Some say that when you drive off of the lot that the value of your new ride goes down up to 10%. That leaves quite a difference in your investment and your insurance payout if the vehicle was totaled the next day. Most companies pay out based on the current value of your vehicle. Once used, unfortunately that does go down. New Car Replacement Coverage would make sure that you are able to get your same year, make and model. Right off the lot. 

Now you can tailor your policy for YOU. Make the insurance you pay for, to be exactly what you need.

*Each company will have some additional coverage extras and they vary by company. All of the examples I gave are based on how this coverage works with Farmers Insurance. Always check with your insurance company about coverage extras and the additional cost associated with them.