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If you're looking to switch things up this Valentine's Day, try taking your significant other to a fitness class! Trying something new can be a great bonding experience, especially when you're boosting your mood with that post-workout endorphin bliss.

When I asked my boyfriend to accompany me to a fitness class for Valentine's Day, I was surprised by his excitement. (He's truly a gem.) I let him choose the class, which is only fair when you're asking someone to sweat on a holiday that is traditionally celebrated with wine and chocolate. After some research, he decided on taking a spin class at Cyclebar, located within Town Center Plaza in Leawood, Kansas. I have taken several classes at the studio before, but my boyfriend was new to both Cyclebar and spin classes in general. (Although he has taken my class at Barre3, so group fitness was not an entirely foreign concept to him.)

The team at Cyclebar Leawood was great about reaching out to him prior to class to see if he had any questions, as he was a new member. I helped him decide on a comfortable outfit and gave him my own scoop on the class so he wouldn't be going in cold. On the day of the class, we arrived at least 15 minutes early, which is what Cyclebar recommended, so we could fill out paperwork and tour the studio.

Cyclebar does a great job of making riders feel special. When you arrive, they have your shoes set aside for you. The check-in process is all on iPads and is super user-friendly. The front desk team was ready and waiting for us. They were happy and helpful and didn't hesitate when I asked them to take our pictures. Once we took some pre-class pics and our belongings were secured in our lockers, we were guided into the studio to set up our bikes. Because of my previous cycling experience, I helped my boyfriend adjust the bike to his height and then clip his shoes in. He spent a few minutes trying out the bike and visiting with the instructor before the class began. Our instructor, Becca, made sure he felt comfortable and excited about the experience.

Although the Cyclebar studio is dark, I was seated directly beside my boyfriend. We were still able to look over at each other and offer encouragement when the class got tough. He kept an open mind about trying something new (and was relieved to see he wasn't the only male in class) and I was grateful to share something that I loved. Trying something new as a couple is a great way to create memories together. Now we have this shared experience and common bond to revisit in the future. We still plan on celebrating Valentine's Day with a dinner together, but adding in this class was a fun and easy way to extend our celebration time. I definitely recommend a class at Cyclebar Leawood for a unique date night (or afternoon). Bonus points if you follow up your class with a delicious brunch! Extra bacon.

We aren't quite ready to hit the studio again (*cue the Epsom salt recovery bath*), but we are planning a nice outdoor ride once this Midwestern winter clears.

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