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Find Your Virtual Workout


Article by Eboni Ward

Photography by Eboni Ward, Bruce Mars and Mohammed Kuraish on Unsplash

Over the past few months, if you’ve been on social media, you may have seen the transition; gyms going completely virtual!! At first I noticed the trainers offering online coaching, then it started shifting to gyms offering different type of online services, but as of late we have witnessed a complete paradigm shift with the way we are getting our sweat on!! Here are two of the most unique ways to get your sweat on indoors while still getting all the attention of an actual personal trainer!

Camp Gladiator

Camp gladiator is an outdoor adult bootcamp that is motivated to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible! It is typically a four-week outdoor group fitness program for all fitness levels and every workout is different! However recently they designed a Virtual Workout Challenge to get people moving! Utilizing Zoom, the trainers meet with their clients 3+ times a week for a 60 minute home based workout with minimum equipment but maximum sweat! My favorite thing about this is you can choose a different trainer for every workout and workout literally anywhere! 

Peloton Bike

So, full disclosure, I'm not a cycler but the reviews on this bike are insane! My friend recently bought a peloton bike and she swears by it! She says getting this bike was one of the best investments she’s made in at home workout equipment! From the digital cycle studios, thousands of trainers, and live cycle classes, this is a spinners dream!!

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