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It's Coming Up Rosé at The Warren


Article by Grady McGill

Photography by Grady McGill

Take the weight off your worries and let The Warren City Club show you a good time. Whether you are up for brunch, nightlife, dancing, wine tasting or just trying a new restaurant, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to check out the rooftop patio. The Warren City Club opened in 2003 in Atlanta’s Virginia-Highland and is located upstairs on the third floor from Dark Horse Tavern. 

The Warren City Club just started hosting a series of public wine tastings. While many people might be wary because of Covid, the event is held safely and socially distant. You can have fun while being safe. The first wine tasting featured rosé wines, and we tasted six rosés. In addition, light bites were served. The first two were sparkling while the other four were the more traditional rosés. Normally, wine tasting is a group activity, but this event allowed participants to sit anywhere in the room. I felt l had a private wine tasting all to myself.

Maschio- Prosecco Brut Treviso DOC NV.  

Perfect sparkling wine that you can have casually and socially with friends. The good thing about this is that it is light and not overbearingly intense. It is produced in northern Italy from prosecco grapes.

Chic Barcelona

This is another sparkling rosé wine that I tried and found it really sweet but refreshing. I was really impressed — so much that I had to buy it. The sparkling rose in made in Spain from a single-variety cava made with trepat grapes. What is special about this sparkling rose? The rose is intense but delightful and is perfect with dark chocolate and fresh fruit desserts.


The Sedosa wine is a light rosé that is perfect for summer because it's refreshing. If you are trying to beat the humidity, this is the perfect wine. It has a hint of strawberries.

Stoller Family Estate

A pinot noir mix from Oregon, it has flavors watermelon and strawberry lemonade that brings a mouthwatering acidity. The rosé has a bright color to it. It gives a great taste to enjoy and balanced well. 


A French rosé wine that is made in Southern France. This is a fruit-driven wine and is a blend of the floral syrah, grenache and cinsault grapes that brings about a fruity taste of gooseberry and Morello cherry. This dry wine pairs well with most foods. 

Fleurs de Prairie 

Here is the final rosé that I tasted. Another French rosé wine produced in southern region of Provence. The wine is made really bright with great flavoring. It’s perfect to pair with fish and chicken and is also great with summer dishes. 

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