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How to Protect Your Ride When Not in Use


Article by Cate Marian

Photography by Stock Images

Aside from the occasional trip to the grocery store or to fill up (more on that below), chances are your car has been spending a lot more time in your driveway these days. With that in mind, it's important to take some extra steps for preventative maintenance so that when you do get back behind the wheel on a regular basis, everything is still in tip top shape. Here are some tips to keep your parts happy, your gas from getting stale, and the exterior sparkling—since we've got a little extra time for that anyway.

Tips to Keep Your Car in Good Condition While Quarantined

Keeping your tires healthy and your battery happy is a lot easier to do when you're actually driving your car on a daily basis. If you haven't gotten behind the wheel in a while, now is a good time to give your vehicle a once over, and take some preventative measures to ensure when you are ready to take it for a spin, your belts aren't cracked, and no rodents have made a nest under your hood. (This happened to me once when I was gone for just a weeklong vacation.)

How to Stop Your Gas from Getting Stale

Old gas will start to smell, can sap engine power, and might cause your car to stall or not start the next time you go for a drive. Now that we're spending less time behind the wheel, here are some simple steps you can take to maintain your fuel while your car is sitting in your driveway.

How to Detail the Exterior of Your Car

One of the hardest parts of detailing your car yourself can be finding the time to do it. Since we've got a lot of that right now — let's get started! Here's how to clean the exterior of your vehicle, focusing on some of the 'golden rules' such as not washing your car in direct sunlight, the supplies you'll want to have on hand, the importance of cleaning in the right order, and commonly made mistakes. Grab your bucket, turn on some tunes, and start scrubbing.