Don’t Let Empty Bottles Go to Waste 


Article by Sari Lowenstein

Photography by Sari Lowenstein

Soap Refill Station KC has a mission of reducing waste and saving our planet one plastic bottle at a time. Located in Waldo, Soap Refill offers a unique experience while allowing shoppers to feel good about their purchase knowing that each product is budget friendly, vegan, and allergen free.  Offering a variety of products from hair care, body care, home care, and so much more.  Owner Anne Dezort got the idea to open Soap Refill Station KC because refill shops are common in other countries but not as easy to come by here. “We want to be a resource for folks trying to live with less. It also merges with my passion for clean beauty, home, and skin care. Overall, our mission is simple: to reduce single use waste. It can be very difficult these days if you have the desire to live with less. A lot of times there aren't too many options that can make that goal realistic” states Dezort. 

When asked, what advise she would give to new customers, Dezort recommends to JUST COME in with no expectations. Walking in can be overwhelming with all of the products available. Everyone who works at Soap Refill is so welcoming and is there to answer and “silly questions” on any of the products. With a concept that feels so new, understanding the process and knowing there are no silly questions is important because we should know what goes into the products we use on a daily basis. Soap Refill sells products from some larger companies like ECOS, local companies like Indigo Wild, and make as much as they can in house. I have refilled a variety of cleaned out plastic bottles to fill with Soap Refill’s products. If you forget your reusable containers at home, no problem, because people donate their unused containers which are available to you. 

The steps are easy to fill your reusable containers. First, make sure whatever container you are choosing is completely cleaned out from the previous product. Second, weigh your empty container; someone working will assist with this. Thirdly, fill your containers with your desired products, this is the fun part! Lastly, take your fill container back to the weighing station where they will stick a label of each product do you don’t forget what you got. It’s that easy!

Reducing, reusing, and recycling is a common phrase we often hear or see posted on the side of recycling bins. Dezort realized that the only way to keep people from throwing trash on the ground is to give them a can. To encourage others to recycle, you must have a recycling center. If you want people to reuse... you must build a refill station. That is exactly what Dezort is doing, trying to lead by example, do her part, give back to the communities, and support those trying to make less impact on our precious planet. It sounds so simple because it is! Next time you go to toss your plastic containers or any container for that matter, remember that it can be used again. Head over the Soap Refill Station KC to check out the list of products they sell. 

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