The Doughnut Club


Article by Jennifer Mackenchery

Photography by Jennifer Mackenchery

The other day I got in my car in the middle of the day and drove to Backyard on Blake, a little area nestled in the RiNo neighborhood in Denver; one that I'd only just walked by before. It was strange for me to be going to get doughnuts at noon on a Wednesday, but a lot of things are strange right now, so I've been trying to go with the flow the best I can. I just enjoyed the drive north through Denver in the 95-degree Colorado sunshine as I set out to find the The Doughnut Club in the middle of hump day. I had been to the pop-up Doughnut Club store in Broomfield before, and the doughnuts were out of this world. I couldn't wait to get more, and I was excited that they opened up a permanent shop closer to home.

When I walked in, I saw a wall of beautiful doughnuts, AKA the menu. The doughnuts on the wall spin around, so you have a 360-degree view of every single sweet, delicious temptation they offer. On the wall above the doughnut display menu it says, #KEEPYOURHOLE, which sounds a little weird at first, until you take a closer look at every doughnut slowly spinning in front of you. Perched on top of every single doughnut is a doughnut hole, covered in whatever delicious toppings are smothered on the rest of the doughnut. It makes so much sense, when you think about it. Keeping the doughnut hole = more doughnut to enjoy. It's a genius concept, and quite frankly, a wonderful hashtag for doughnut lovers everywhere.

I got six creative and wonderful doughnuts, pictured below (it was hard to choose just six). I always tend to judge a doughnut place on how close it brings me to tears (desserts make me cry more often than not). Let's just say, this one had my eyes watering with the first bite of each and every doughnut I tasted, and that ranks as a pretty high doughnut score in my personal doughnut scorebook. If you need a sweet treat (and let's face it, a lot of us need one a lot more than normal in these strange, strange times we call "2020"), head on over to The Doughnut Club at the Backyard on Blake. #KEEPYOURHOLE

Doughnuts (from top left): Strawberry Crush, Get Toasted, Dough-Doughnut, Parent Trap, Circus Animal, Nana's Apple Pie

The Doughnut Club – Backyard on Blake

3040 Blake St. #151

Denver, CO 80205

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