Article by David Scheller

Photography by OBGYN West

Why is OBGYN West the Twin Cities’ leader in women’s healthcare? It is due in no small part to their physicians’ experience and broad range of specialties. No matter her age or health challenges, any woman who makes OBGYN West her clinic will receive superlative care.

But competence alone does not make a great physician. They must also have compassion – an earnest desire to listen to their patients, genuinely understand their needs, and endeavor to meet them in full. Dr. Gregg Teigen, who sees his patients at OBGYN West’s Eden Prairie and Minnetonka locations, embodies that very quality.

“I knew what kind of doctor I wanted to become shortly after starting my clinical rotation in obstetrics and gynecology during med school,” said Dr. Teigen. “Most doctors only see their patients once, and they typically meet them when they are having very bad days. OB/GYN is a somewhat unique field of medicine because you get to take care of the same people throughout their entire lives. I have spent decades fostering meaningful relationships with my patients. Many of them now bring their daughters, whom I helped to deliver, to see me as well. 

“I enjoy a more fulfilling career – a more fulfilling existence, in all fairness – for serving an ongoing role in so many women’s lives. That I often get to share their joy during their happiest moments only makes my job that much more rewarding.

“OB/GYN is also an expansive field of medicine that encompasses everything from routine preventative care to the exact science of endocrinology. On any given day I may help one patient manage a high-risk pregnancy, treat another for an infection, and treat yet another for ovarian cysts. I’m thankful for so many opportunities to make positive impacts on people’s lives. Addressing such a diverse range of issues is challenging, of course, which is why I am glad that I can defer to my fellow partners whenever their training and techniques are better suited to my patients’ needs than my own.

“That sense of community is one of the biggest reasons why I joined OBGYN West. I like the way we support one another here. It is true camaraderie, and it is all in service of our patients. 

“I value our clinic’s lack of bureaucracy. We aren’t bogged down by the systems that depersonalize healthcare, create long waiting lists, and make it impossible to receive accurate answers to important medical questions. When one of my patients books an appointment, she knows she will see me and the same nurse who has worked with me for many years. Seeing the same friendly faces during every one of their visits to our clinic is especially comforting for women who are going through pregnancies. They already have quite enough on their minds!

“I enjoy helping women perhaps more than anything else. I have been fortunate to share my life with many strong women: my mother and grandmother who raised me; my wife, the love of my life and a nurse I can confide in; and my two daughters, one also a nurse and the other a social worker. They have all given so much to me over the years. I am grateful that I get to spend my career paying it forward.”

OBGYN West’s Eden Prairie clinic is located at 800 Prairie Center Drive #130. You may learn more about their personalized approach to patient care by visiting obgynwest.net.

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