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Mindset: The Most Powerful Muscle


Article by Brian Pearson

Photography by Brian Pearson

This year I have learned a tremendous amount about the psychology of thinking. Believe it or not, we can train our minds to produce positive thoughts on a daily basis. Focus is extremely important, as is the proper perspective and mindset. You get more of what you focus on.

One visual I like to give people in developing the proper mindset and focus is the image of the windshield of a car and the rearview mirror.

Think of it this way: Objects at a distance that appear through the windshield get bigger the closer you get to them. That represents the positive things in life, things that we sometimes lose focus of. Whereas if we look in the rearview mirror, that represents the problems in your life, things you have no control over.

If you keep your focus ahead, looking through the windshield toward the positive things, as you look in the rearview, your problems get smaller and smaller as long as you keep traveling forward.

Here are some tips for you to try in order to train your brain to have a positive mindset:

  1. Start a gratitude jar. Take a small piece of paper and write down one thing you are grateful for each day. At the end of a year's time, sit down with your family and read them out loud to each other. Discuss them as you go.
  2. Twice per day, read statements of affirmation out loud to yourself. Post copies of the statements beside a mirror. Look at yourself as you read them.
  3. Choose to do something nice for someone you don't know.
  4. Get in the habit of telling people that you appreciate them.
  5. Practice not going back to the past. It does nothing for being in the present.

This is no different than working out, playing a sport or learning something new. It requires practice.

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