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Cleary Bikes: A Safe Bet


Article by Christina Vescovo

Photography by Christina Vescovo

There's not one soul who doesn't recall the moment they first learned how to ride a bike. The excitement of feeling the wind flowing over one's face. The empowerment of keeping yourself from falling down by pedaling faster. & the overall confidence built by seeing your very own bicycle standing up on its own without training wheels...everything about this experience is just wonderful!

What's unique about Cleary Bikes? To begin, the company produces the majority of parts in Taiwan. The wheels and brakes are made to handle riding in dirt, gravel, and on roads. Cleary's Gecko, as seen in pink, is rated one of the safest bikes for small children.'s expert reviewers provided eight reasons to purchase the Hedgehog: price-point, the durable, light weight steel frame, position of steering, & tire-grip to name just a few!

Cleary Bikes are highly rated - & we are selling them at a discounted rate to match major retailers such as Wal-Mart/Big Country. We offer the same, if not better service as a local retailer. In our store located at 6909 West Hefner, Suite B6, parents may bring their children in to find out exactly what size of bike the manufacturer suggests for the ultimate safety. Online, customers may order bikes to be shipped directly to their home!

When you purchase from Radioactive Threads you will receive top-notch customer service to ensure your satisfaction & enjoyment of your Cleary Bike.